Wyze Air Purifier Not Updating AQI and Graph in App

I can’t find a reference number.

It’s now been 12 days and my replacement air purifier still hasn’t shipped.

Day 13 and it’s still not been shipped.

So Wyze sent me an email saying my replacement air purifier is on its way. I’m thinking, yes finally! But Fed Ex says the tracking number is invalid. Can’t Wyze do anything right?!

Been 17 days now and I still don’t have the replacement air purifier. And Wyze is telling me that the Fed Ex tracking number they sent me was because they manually put the order in, and it means nothing, because this product is still back ordered. Here is a thought Wyze, how about next time don’t offer up a product for sale until you have enough in stock and properly test it so customers don’t get lemons, having to wait weeks for a replacement. Because your warranty means nothing if the return/replacement process is a bad experience for your customers!

It’s now been 3 weeks and my replacement Air Purifier still hasn’t shipped. This is seriously frustrating Wyze!

I brought this up in the fix it friday event for this week/month. If you are experiencing this issue and would like Wyze to address it, you may vote on it by clicking on the following link and “liking” that post to indicate to wyze that you are also experiencing this bug:


So I have to vote to get Wyze to address an issue of the Air Purifier app not working as advertised? Seriously?!

No, at least for this issue we have confirmation that they already know about it and are working on it.
You can do nothing and it’s still being addressed either way.
All Fix it friday reports are looked into by Wyze regardless.

Having it get voted as the number 1 issue on Fix-it-friday to show it is the community’s number 1 bug has other benefits though, but participation is not necessary for things to be addressed, though I’m assuming (my opinion, not speaking for Wyze) it can potentially be helpful in deciding where to prioritize which resources.


Okay, understand. But if Wyze knows about this issue then why can’t they say something? That’s one of my biggest complaints about this company. And when I contact customer support, they don’t know anything about issues and have me go through troubleshooting steps that I’ve already done on my own numerous times and then ultimately telling me the product needs to be replaced. Clearly if Wyze knows there is a software issue, then how is replacing my air purifier going to help anything? It won’t!

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I know it seems redundant for support to have people go through the same steps they’ve already tried, but there are many reasons for it. Having worked in a technical support position in the past (in my college years), I can’t tell you how many times people told me they already did something, but my script forced me to ask them to do it again, and then magically it worked when they did it again for me, following the exact steps I told them to follow. Sometimes a person may have tried some of the steps in a different order, and then doing them in the script order it suddenly makes a difference. Lots of people believe certain steps aren’t related or say they’ve tried them when they haven’t. So many reasons why support is told to ask people to do them again anyway.

In this case, I believe it’s a fairly new determination that Wyze has concluded the AQI issue is indeed a software or firmware issue. Additionally, I know you’ve said you’ve also been dealing with the connectivity issue some have reported, and that might be contributing to your situation as well, and Wyze is currently testing a beta firmware that is supposed to resolve the connectivity issues, so hopefully that will help you with that when it get pushed to production.

Hopefully both of those will be addressed for you soon. I am testing the new beta firmware out right now and it seems to be working pretty well, so I hope it helps the connectivity issue you were experiencing, and then hopefully Wyze will get us another update to resolve this AQI graph soon since I believe they’ve determined it is related to software/firmware now.

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Maybe Wyze should spend more time testing their software prior to releasing the products, instead of pushing it out unfinished. Their software issues are getting old and we just can’t rely on their products to work as advertised. Wyze couldn’t even explain why all my V2 cameras started having the pink flash issue. I was finally able to find out why it happens from another forum member. But Wyze still isn’t fixing it. Nor have they addressed the skin rashes from their Wyze Band product or given us a way to delete background pictures we add to it. Why would they give the feature to add your own pictures but then not have a way to delete them? Made no sense!

It’s a month now and Wyze still hasn’t shipped my replacement Air Purifier. Guess they’ve been too busy releasing new products.

Please Wyze stop making new products and fix what you already have.

10 weeks now and still no warranty replacement Air Purifier. I’m beginning to wonder if a class action is what it’s going to take to get things moving from Wyze.

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It’s been 4 months now and I still haven’t gotten my warranty replacement Air Purifier.

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I’m positive you’ll get your unit when they get them back in stock this month or next …

Remember Wyze was not expecting the launch to be that successful so they didn’t have enough units . Yes , Wyze should’ve been better prepared . But the whole supply chain crisis also isn’t helping

What ever happened with this? Mine has started doing this now as well. I sent logs

This issue was fixed a long time ago. Explain a bit more about what the issue is with yours.

Not sure I can explain anymore than what this thread has. My log ID is 1234552
My aqi has been stuck at 64 for a week or more. Right now the machine is 130.

I assume you rebooted the unit, your router and are positive the unit has connected to the internet. In that case then it’s broken and needs to be replaced.