Wyze Air Purifier Firmware Beta Test 6/1/2022

Version: 1.0.6


  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity after setup

[Mod Note] 1.0.6 has been paused.

  • There is a chance that the user cannot find the Wi-Fi list during setup.

Have installed on 1 of 2 devices without issue.

Will provide feedback should I see anything out of the norm.

Thank you


Just installed on both of mine. Will monitor as well and provide feedback if necessary


I installed the firmware on all 3 of mine.

The only issue I experienced, is that after I clicked update, it told me I could leave that page (while it updates), so I would leave and go to the next air purifier and click start update, then leave there and go to the third one. Only, the firmware would not update if I left the updating page, so I had to go back to the first and second one and click update again and then wait for it to complete before leaving the page.

Other than that oddity, the firmware seems to work well so far.


Not able to update.

Current version: 1.0.3
Attempting to update to 1.0.6.

Keeps disconnecting from wifi after I tap Update, and never updates.

Anything I should try?

@WyzeAndy @WyzeBaohua

Hearing a few reports of users like @lukebone that are unable to apply the firmware update because the air purifier will not stay connected long enough to accept the firmware update.

In one instance I have suggested to connect the air purifier to a mifi or mobile hotspot long enough to apply the firmware update. In this case they already had. The air purifier had intermittent connectivity with this method and the purifier did not stay connected long enough to accept the update.

The user tried 4 times, also including the wifi reset once in their efforts with no resolution.

Any guidance with this scenario is much appreciated.


I’ve had air purifier since it was available for purchase. I’ve had nothing but trouble with wifi connection. I just attempted to install 1.0.6. I was successful the first try. I will check back in after a few days to let you know how my connectivity is.

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