Wyze Air Purifier Beta Test 8/22/2022

Wyze Air Purifier Beta:

Version: 1.0.10

What’s New:

  • Added support for Bluetooth log collection instead of requiring Wi-Fi connection

Oh good idea. This will be helpful for those who have future connectivity issues. Hopefully they’ll be able to connect long enough to get this firmware updated.

Mine updated without issue.

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How long did it take? One of mine is still going. I have not tried the second one yet.

A couple of minutes. I left the “updating” page up until it was complete. I did it from the purifier’s home screen, rather than the account tab. But I have 2 more to test the update for if you want me to actually time it. :slight_smile:


Same Here…

@jentsang - possible issue with either the Beta App as I just noticed this on my Android device - look at the picture, notice the Yellow arrows pointing to 2 Manual links, the one behind is the one which actually works.

NOTE: Just checked iOS and the Air Purifier looks fine. I am attaching that image as well

 ANDROID                                   iOS

@carverofchoice , Can you check to see if it is like that on yours?


My Second Air Purifier is not updating, keep getting oops failed. I just removed power and then plugged it back in, will see if it updates now - 3rd attempt.

Cycling the power fixed it and update was successful.

Yes, though it looks like it isn’t related to this firmware update, because I’m seeing it on both the Air Purifiers with this update and without it. I think it is part of the RC Beta app. We should go inform them in the RC thread ASAP.

Ok, that is what I was thinking as well. But needed to verify first

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I tried updating from Home > Account > Firmware Update last night. I let it run for 35 minutes, gave up, backed out and updated from Home > my Air Purifier > Settings Device Info > Firmware Version… that path took about 5 minutes to update.

It took about 30 minutes for me. I actually had to unplug the power and then plug it back in. After I did that it installed quickly, or less than 30 minutes


Updating mine today. First one went very smoothly and so did the second one!


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