Wyze Air Purifier Firmware Beta Test 5/23/2022

Version: 1.0.5


  • Added an error code for if pairing fails
  • Improved network connection reporting
  • Fixed a bug that caused filter life data to be lost

Welcome to the forum @jentsang

Thank You for the update.

Not seeing the 1.0.5 beta FW update yet but will test on 1 of 2 devices once available and report any findings back here.


Same here


Available now and trying to perform the update… Will let you know how it goes


Finally got the FW loaded, had to do it from the Device Settings page for each Purifier. The Bulk Update Page did not work and was just sitting. Now the Update page still says updating, but the purifiers have loaded the Beta FW 1.05 Will test and see if there are any issues

Logging out of the app and logging back in seems to have corrected the Updating issue from the Firmware Update Page

Nothing yet for me on iOS

hmmm. Wonder if you see it on your Android Device

Make sure you have enrolled the air purifier in beta so you can receive the updates.

Account → About → Beta Program

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Oh C’mon… Like I would forget to do that @WyzeJasonJ

Yea, I totally forgot to do that :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:, so sad, do you know how many times I have instructed folks to do the same. ashamed of myself :sob:

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I am sure you just figured you had already done that lol


Air Purifier fails to update from 1.0.3
It disconnects from wifi, as the wifi symbol flashes a few times, and then reconnects to wifi. After a few minutes, it completely disconnects from wifi.

I’ve tried factory reset, resetting wifi, unplugging after resetting.

Any suggestions?

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