Wyze 3-Way Light Switch

3 Pole Wall Light Switch

Your single pole switch looks great, but I need a 3Pole for several rooms. Please flesh out your wall switch product line. A single pole dimmer switch would be great too! Please and thank you.


I couldn’t agree more. In fact I’ve stopped buying anymore Wyze products until they offer a 3 pole switch as I want a single solution for my home automation. So for now I’m waiting on Wyze to finally understand that a lot of people want a 3 pole switch.


Ditto, need a Wyze Three Way switch that integrates into traditional wiring

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3way light switches

3-way switches are not supported today due to the fact that the individual switches can’t know the “state” of the light (i.e. on or off). You can use software (i.e. app) to manage the statefulness of the light and be able to operate 3-way switches.

Within the app you would create the ability to “pair” to switches together. Once paired each switch would be either ON or OFF. You would then track the state of the light as being ON or OFF. During initial setup the user would indicate if the light was ON or OFF.

When a light switch changes state ON->OFF or OFF->ON, it would trigger an update to flip the state of the LIGHT. If the LED was enabled then both switches would reflect the state of the light. If the light is ON then the LED for both light switches would be ON.

This gives physical control to turn the light on and off while also allowing the app to know the state of the light which in turn can be controlled by 3rd party. For example, if both switches are ON and the light is OFF, if I ask Google to turn on the light, it would flip one of the switches status, thus turning the light on, and pushing the state to the LED for both switches.

No, they’re not supported because almost all smart switches require power, so none of those can be used in true 3-way applications. What most manufacturers do is provide the ability in the switch or a lower featured slave switch unit to emulate 3 way operation. (Both locations still need full time power.). But Wyze chose not to provide this.

Any chance you could make a 3way switch. I have all the single pole switches done and want to finish with the 3way switches.

3 way switches on the load side always have power thru one of the travelers.

the switch on the line side also always had power from the line, then switches it from one traveler to the other.

a line side smart switch is easy but will need some kind of load detection to know if the light are on. i.e. if there are amps flowing vs not.

a load side will need to be able to power itself off both travelers and switch from one to the other.

others have done it.

the “Treatlife” 3 way are installed on the line side and know when the light is on. they have the crappy thick plastic mount plate but work ok.

I’d really prefer Wyze light switches so I could have only one control app


I have made my Wyze switches work as 3-way or n-way when I use Wyze bulbs and Smart Mode. It takes a couple of rules to sync the switch statuses but all in all it works OK.

This method also requires that you force your lights to powered on all the time because the switching happens at the bulbs.

The Rules are basically
if the controlled light turns on then Do turn on all the switches that control it.

if the controlled light turns off then Do turn off all the switches that control it.

Again and very important, you have to use Wyze Smart bulbs.


Smart work around using rules!

Sounds great, but not very useful if one cannot use those bulbs.

We have integrated ceiling lights so there is no regular bulb.

Only a few of our lights use a regular style bulb, most modern lighting does not use an old-fashioned bulb.

You might be able to make one switch the “real” switch and the other a fake switch that triggers the other switch on by using a rule, and an inverse rule for turning them off.

Rule #1 Trigger - When master switch turns on also turn on the slave switch.
Rule #2 Trigger - When slave switch turns on also turn on the master switch (which is what actually does the work).
Rule #3 Trigger - When master switch turns off also turn off the slave switch.
Rule #4 Trigger - When slave switch turns off also turn off the master switch.

The problem above might be cyclic execution but they may have fixed that.

Thanks topnotcher!

I have been trying for quite some time to get the right rules to make this work (I do have the Smart Bulbs) and all other suggested rule setups were “buggy”… but your recommendation of using the lights instead of the switches to base the rules on works perfectly!

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!

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I’ve been waiting forever for Wyze to make a dimmable three way, or even a three way switch. I’ve finally lost patience. I’m going to go buy a competitors product.


CHeck out the FEIT switches. They are 3-way, work with any existing 3 way switch, have a metal frame, and wire terminals instead of cheap wires requiring wire nuts. I installed mine and they work great. Haven’t looked back. Wyze dropped the ball here.

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I totally agree, Wyze has dropped the ball and my patience is wearing thin. I have stopped buying anything else from Wyze and I will no longer recommend their products to my friends. I’ve watched Home Depot and Walmart remove Wyze from the store shelves replacing with competitors products. What a shame that Wyze cares more about selling cloud storage solution than making quality products that consumers ask for. Just my thoughts.

Well… This tread has been active with a lot of reply, for the past 3 years… Can you please make a 3-way? We’ve waited long enough. This is not rocket science. All of your competitors are having 3-way switches…

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The Wyze switch(es) when controlling Wyze lights can already be configured with rules to be N-way switches. I have many in my setup already. If you wanted to control non-Wyze trabitional lights you would have to be creative with the wiring to make one switch the controlling switch and the other switches switch the controller switch. This would effectively disable your current 3-way wiring.

I think a lot of people even remotely familiar with electrical systems have figured out how to hack some support for N-way switches using these devices. The question really is why Wyze won’t support this functionality directly in the product or, as a bare minimum, with some alternative wiring documentation (similar to the alternative builds on the old Lego products).

Instead Wyze specifically calls out that 3/4-way switch support is not possible:

“Is this compatible with 3-way and 4-way switches?
No, this is a single pole switch only. It cannot be used as a multi-way switch.”

I get that Wyze wants to reduce their own liability when it comes to hacking of electrical circuits, but it feels like selling a fancy new and beautiful salt shaker and just completely ignoring the pepper shaker.

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