Wyze light switch w/ dimmer and motion sensor

Would love to see a combo light switch dimmer and motion sensor. Brilliant has a really cool one but it’s expensive and you need to have their actual hub switch which is really expensive.

Could have great integrations with other wyze products!

And let it support 3 way too!

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I had Insteon switches, which were dimmable, but they went out of business. Swapped them out for Wyze over the weekend, but frustrated that they aren’t dimmable. I imagine 90% of switch users will be using them for can lights, and won’t want to switch them out for wyze bulbs. Seems like a simple firmware update could fix this.

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i myself would love to switch over to wyze for my smart dimmer switches. right now im using lutron caseta and will need to buy the hub to control my high hats from my phone.

i purchased 2 wyze switches only to find out they weren’t dimmable (thank you for the smooth return btw), and i was kind of frustrated.

would be really nice to see 3-way dimmer switches released soon

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I would buy 12 of these if they were dimmable. Having to buy more expensive and less attractive off-brand switches instead. Bummer.


If not both at least do the motion detection, this would sell like hotcakes I am sure. I would change all the lightswitches in my house except for the 3-ways (wishing too)

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I have shop lights wired back to a single wall switch. Looking to have motion detected on Wyze cam turn lights on and shut them off when no motion is detected.

I would buy a case of them! We just got notified our power company is increasing rates this winter need to start reducing usage!

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+1 for lightswitch with dimmer, I have a lot of dimmer switches that I would love to make smart

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Wyze Switch 2.0 w/motion sensing

I think an updated switch with a motion sensor (plus the necessary edge control and option in the app) would be very useful to have interior lighting work seamlessly.

Also, if this becomes a reality, please reduce the depth of the Switch 2.0, as it can be difficult mashing enough space in the electrical box.


How does Wyze not make a dimmer switch before a gun safe?!


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I would like a motion detecting wall switch. Basically the current switch with a motion detector added along with associated triggers for rules.

Just like with the current switch, it should work with both smart and dumb devices. It should also allow for all the same button actions of the current switch (double/tripple tap, etc)

Wyze switch with motion detection for alarm and light

I wish wyze to make a light switch with motion sensor thay can be integrated with the wyze alarm system as the motion sensor.

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Please make a dimmer switch

I’ve been waiting for Wyze to make a dimmer switch version of these since they released. Please make it happen

If you have the wyze bulbs, they’re dimmable within the app. I have my bulbs set to where I generally want them and mostly manually press my wyze light switch.