3-Way Dimmable Light Switch (also suitable for single-pole dimmer switch applications)

Would love to see a Light Switch that supports Dimming and 3-Way all in one.
I mean yes, the current Wyze light switch can be used as dimmable if there is a Wyze Bulb in it but I would say most homes would have few light fixtures/chandeliers that does not have a standard bulbs socket.

There is a wishlist topic for 3-Way Light Switch

And another topic for Light Switch with Dimmer and Motion Sensor:

So I created this topic for 3-Way Dimmable Light Switch.
Some additional features it can have:

  • Vertical touch dimmer “slider”
  • RGB Status Indicator light/dot
  • Frame/Plate RGB glow light
  • Dual triggers: Pressing on the top can trigger one thing and pressing bottom can trigger another thing.
  • Double and Triple press + Press and Hold: Just like the current Wyze Switch.
  • Motion detection sensor.
  • Microphone for Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa support.

This can be an all-in-one switch that the market has not seen before.

Dimmable Light Switches

Light switch 2.0 with the ability to dim the lights, I would pay extra for this feature.

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Dimmable light switch

how about a light switch with a dimmer control either in the app, or on switch face activated by holding bottom or top of switch. Or both…


I agree. I don’t understand the point of the switch if I can’t control any type of bulb.


Please develop a switch that can dim dumb bulbs! I have a house full of very nice GE LED can floodlights that I would love to dim when watching tv etc.

How about a dimmable switch that doesn’t require a neutral wire… since a massive portion of wall switch’s are installed using what is called a switch leg via a single piece of romex wire and has the hot at the light

It can control any type of bulb if you remain in basic mode.
There’s no dimmer though.

Wyze power switch with dimmer control?

Hello all,

When I Google search for Wyze dimmer, this page comes up (Wyze Switch | Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch), but as I write this, I now understand why… it’s because someone was asking why Wyze doesn’t make a dimmer switch.

Yes, why?

I have a dining room lighting that runs off a dimmer, but since upgrading to dimmable LEDs the dimmer control (designed for incandescent lights) doesn’t work very well with the LEDs for dimming.

It would be nice to see a Wyze dimmer control some day.

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Dimmer Switch

Please add dimmer switch to your product portfolio

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It would also be nice if that dimmer did not require a neutral so it could be used in older homes.

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I’m very much interested in this as well. I was waiting for switch for quite some time but I’m disappointed the 1st release doesn’t have it. I have practically all Wyze products. e.g. some rooms have 10+ lights connected to a switch, plus many of those lights are BR40 style instead of A19 Wyze bulbs.


Wyze Team, I’m also waiting for a dimmer switch.

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I have used Wyze Plugs for a while, and they are great, especially the dimmer option. I just ordered Wyze Switches, because I wanted timers and dimmers on my ceiling lights. I am amazed that the dimmer feature is missing! Why? I have dimmable LED ceiling pucks, so I cannot use smart bulbs, which would defeat the purpose of the Switch anyway. Very disappointed in the product.

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I too am a big fan of your product. I also would love a dimmable switch. rated for LED lights. Also two or three way switches would be great.

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Yes. I have multiple switches installed in my house. I had to swap out my led floodlights with the br30 (or br40 I forget which size wyze makes) wyze smart bulbs just so I can have dimming on them. Maybe a firmware update? Hoping not a whole switch upgrade.

Hugely disappointed in lack of dimmer capability on the switch and lack of 3 way. Current product did not meet expectations (guess I should have aligned better to what Wyze defines as smart here).

3 way and dimmable feature is a must have for a switch product. If this existed I’d buy 4 tomorrow.

May be challenged to find an application for what I have in hand or return them.

I have been patiently waiting for a dimmer switch or a 3-way light switch. Hopefully, one day we will see them available from WYZE. :crossed_fingers: