3-Way Dimmable Light Switch (also suitable for single-pole dimmer switch applications)

Would love to see a Light Switch that supports Dimming and 3-Way all in one.
I mean yes, the current Wyze light switch can be used as dimmable if there is a Wyze Bulb in it but I would say most homes would have few light fixtures/chandeliers that does not have a standard bulbs socket.

There is a wishlist topic for 3-Way Light Switch

And another topic for Light Switch with Dimmer and Motion Sensor:

So I created this topic for 3-Way Dimmable Light Switch.
Some additional features it can have:

  • Vertical touch dimmer “slider”
  • RGB Status Indicator light/dot
  • Frame/Plate RGB glow light
  • Dual triggers: Pressing on the top can trigger one thing and pressing bottom can trigger another thing.
  • Double and Triple press + Press and Hold: Just like the current Wyze Switch.
  • Motion detection sensor.
  • Microphone for Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa support.

This can be an all-in-one switch that the market has not seen before.

Dimmable Light Switches

Light switch 2.0 with the ability to dim the lights, I would pay extra for this feature.

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Dimmable light switch

how about a light switch with a dimmer control either in the app, or on switch face activated by holding bottom or top of switch. Or both…


I agree. I don’t understand the point of the switch if I can’t control any type of bulb.