Wonder what the noise is?🤔

Weird sounds from Cam OG. See video sound on. If I did it correctly. Lol

I am gathering that the camera is inside looking through the window and screen.
Looking at the close tree, it appears that there is wind, so likely related to that.

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Yes, I have 3 looking thru windows. Only 1 does that weird static sound in the bedroom away from all electronics too vs the other two.

The other 2 have a little warbly whistle sound that does sound like the wind, but it is very faint.

I have a v2 drawing power from the USB port on a Wasserstein floodlight that sounds a lot like that. All my other v2s, powered through their OEM power supplies, sound is clean. Not suggesting anything, just reporting. :slight_smile:

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The location of that noisy one is bedroom window, and just like the other 2, KASA plugged. Guess I could remove the Kasa to eliminate that possibility. All 3 are Cam OG.

On the good side, it has calmed down now and seems silent other than the very quiet wind whir which is negligible. I’ll keep an eye on it.:eyes:

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Try swapping cams. Move the problem OG cam to the location of one the other OG cams plugged into a different outlet. If the problem OG is no longer a problem, but the problem has moved to the previously problem-free OG, you have an electrically-dirty circuit/outlet. If the problem follows the cam to the new location, you may have a defective cam and should contact support for a replacement: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us


It’s gone silent for now, but that’s on my list.
I tried a KASA restart first and will move to switching if it comes back.

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The noise follows the camera. I’ll contact support and see what they say.

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We’ll, heard back from online support. I am supposed to jump thru about 15 figure it out your self hoops and 10 or 15, find the receipt, order #, take a picture of the cam label, Etc. Etc. Etc., 1st time experience.

All firmware is to date, So is the app, order number was supplied, camera is faulty, so is it worth it to me to trouble shoot a $23 dollar camera to the extent I’m being asked to do?

With all the things I’m supposed to do, I’m not so sure. Is this SOP and on purpose? I’m thinking so at this point.

Since I can reach it easily and don’t have to climb ladders, I will hold the button to factory reset and reinstall it, to try that one, but that’s about it. I’m 70, I’m not climbing ladders.

I’d post it, but it’s a mile long. You’ve probably seen one anyhow.

I’d hoped WYZE was my new solution, but can see already it’s not much different than any other security outfit. Guess I have to look at mid range camera prices. I’m not sure at this point if there is a solution actually.

Is there no security company that has high quality customer service in the U.S. of A.?

I was already angry with my current supplier and I’m afraid it’s bleeding over.:thinking::wink::smirk:

If reflash doesn’t work, I guess I’ll put up with the static in live view. SMH

I’m not even a week in with WYZE. Live and learn. Again. Previous lesson was quite expensive.

Disappointed again. Hold on any future purchases for now.

WYZE support was less say useless, I majorly complained about the snipe hunt they tried to send me on. Etc.

The reply was so sorry etc. for a brand new customer, blah, blah. Etc. rhetoric.

A very nice way to tell me to take a hike and my business elsewhere I guess.

I can’t even determine how I bought the 3 of them really, so, since I bought 2 at Amazon, the return was as easy as a few clicks and print a label. That’s the way customer service it should be.

I’ll not try WYZE support and returns in the near future for sure.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Major hassle and time wasted.

Sounds like a defective Cam OG

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Got the new OG, setup was simple as before.
Amazon returns was easy and simple.

Not so with WYZE online support. Runaround sue and snipe hunts.

Anyhow, new camera is silent.

They need to address how they handle brand new customers and new cameras and products warranty.

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I also have near identicle snapping noises on my Wyze OG which is brand new (1 week old) . It replaced a white OG in exactly same location which also had the same noises ? That original white OG also destroyed 2 128G micro-sd cards . So , now it is a back-up cam with no sd card onboard .
I now have 3 OG’s and 2 Version 3’s …only 2 cams on Paid Cam+ and still learning and fiddling with settings as i go . Too much Fiddling actually !

I’ve had two have the static. 1 did troubleshoot some, switched plugs, reset etc. Gave that up and just return them to Amazon.
I have 6 OGs including 1 telephoto. When I buy a new one, I check for that noise first thing.

I’ve gotten the settings pretty good. All of mine look thru windows and screens.

I use the smart detections and they’ve been pretty good. Occasionally a car going one way isn’t seen coming back. Overall though, I like the OGs . Zones set, person, pets and vehicles…

I also have 64GB SDs in every one and they haven’t eaten any yet.

Since having two mem-stick failures I am a little bit gun-shy of putting any more expensive micro-sd cards onboard the OG’s .
Since Audio is the real topic of this thread , let me also say that some re-engineering of mic location , or perhaps a weatherproof windscreen would be a super looked forward to refinement on OG’s and Ver 2 and 3 , perhaps the whole line , because when outside that wind tunneling noise seems to be overwhelming when even a 5 to 10km breeze passes by the mic . Since this is serious problem with all my 5 cams , since putting up my last one just over a week ago , and since it is the black version , I had some windscreen material left from an old headset and actually taped it over the mic tunnel/hole . Popped a small hole in the tape exactly where it would cover the mic hole .
Super improvement …now Cam+ doesn’t load events saying " there’s a crying noise" evident on your camera . Too bad my most relied on camera is a story and a 1/2 up , I need to do that one too …with white tape over black microphone windscreen material .
Ok…back to fiddling…


I can imagine, my $6k hearing aids could use some tape occasionally.:rofl:

I don’t use the expensive ones, well, high end SDs. I couldn’t see sticking an extreme SD in a camera that cost $17 to $24.

I buy the Micro Center or whatever they are on Amazon. So far, a couple months in no failures. Yet…if they last a year, I’m happy. 5 micro size and 5 regular size to boot.

My V3 is in an enclosure to record some animal activity. These animals do not make noise unless they run into something. Although there are no lights, TVs, or anything else running, it has weird static that sounds like voices in the background.

My OGs only made the static noises with the speaker on, which would seem to indicate some internal issue. Returned and fixed it, twice.

I tried other Wyze bricks, camera reset etc. Didn’t help in my case.

Well , sadly my newest (3rd O.G. WyzeCam) has also started to show problems and proved to me that some things need addressing in its design/build…it replaced a one year old OG(now idle and not used) in same location which is on one of my two paid Wyze Cam+ prescriptions and is mounted under an eave outdoors 8 feet above a rear entrance and deck .
At first i tried to fine tune the sound activated detection along with Motion , but I gave up sound detection entirely due to the inability to muffle the sound hole mic wind tunnel noise , even down below 22% at sound setpoint , the wind still trips the sensor all night long so 3 weeks ago I cancelled the sound trip option in settings . I had taken the additional chore of using some old microphone foam taped across the front of the camera mic hole , helped slightly but still have that wind howl trip problem in a 10km breeze even !
This morning when checking overnight events there was a mssge saying sd card malfunction , format or replace ! This card was brand new when installing this new camera only a couple months ago and is as pricey as the camera itself …and not the 1st time my O.G’s have eaten a card either !
Really starting to lose faith in these devices , and for me its all ladder work (in winter) to maintain and I am way too old for these common occurences !
Too much fiddling , sound detection is useless outdoor’s , and continuously eating sd cards .
Is there a more appropriate thread of similar complaints on the OG camera’s in this forum ?

Old guy here too who doesn’t like ladders either.
I’ve only got two outside, an OG and OG tele.

I couldn’t justify putting a Samsung Pro Endurance in a camera that ranged from $14.99 on Black Friday to $20 range.

I use the Micro Center cards on Amazon, $5 each, all still recording in 7 OGs and 3 Pan V3s.

They may fail but if they do, I’m not concerned about it.

I have not had any issues with 7 OGs myself since July this year when I bought the first one. Pretty soon I had 6 and a telephoto OG. All others in windows mounts. Pans in the garage & basement.

I’m used to $189 battery cams that are inferior to OGs. Still own them, still a PITA.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with yours.

I’m running mesh WiFi with signal & strength everywhere. No issues yet to speak of.

All sound or speakers off on mine, Never even tested it. I’ve got smart person detection on all OGs and Pans to the point of using the alerts in my Tasker alarms to wake me up. And the CO and smoke alerts.

I’m pleased with them all so far. Pan V3s could have longer detection range if I had a wishlist.

I think I have record sound on the Pans, or they were jerky in video events. But they’re inside.

Good luck!