V3 generating random static noise

I have a V3 in a very quiet front room and as you can see in the video it is generating terrible static noise when monitoring this camera. I hate dealing with Wyze Support because the process is so cumbersome, but I will insist this defective V3 camera be replaced. I have rebooted it, deleted and re-added to my Wyze account, put it on a different Wi-Fi system, and the problem still exists. I HAVE A LEMON V3, Hey Wyze Support give a listen to this video and then replace this camera.

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Here is another example from that very noisy V3 camera. I am really starting to lose faith in the Wyze V3 product line. This camera is less than one month old and I have had other issues with other V3 cameras concerning being off-line, unavailable or noisy. Our V2 cameras worked like a champ unlike Wyze’s next generation V3 camera

It kind of sounds like what I have heard sometimes when air blows past the microphone of the camera. Did you try putting the camera in a different location?

As for support, they aren’t exactly in the forums (forums are mostly other users), but you don’t have to contact them by phone either. You can do chat or email instead. I like email because you can do something similar to what you wanted to do here: write them and wait for a reply, then reply back to them at your convenience. It’s perfect for me:

On their support page chat you can always just type human too to get to them faster.

Also, if the camera is on a noisy power supply it could cause that. Are you using the included power cable and adapter? Is the cable running along a diffrent cable?

Try putting a surge protector on the plug, see if that makes any difference

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Absolutely, where the camera is sitting on the table there are no open windows, no air conditioning, or no breezy sources. The camera was in my office and it was very static key there as well. There is something inherently wrong with this camera. I will be submitting another video of my driveway camera which also exhibits the same noise. It is not windy nor were there any cars or airplanes overhead. These V3 cameras randomly generate internal noise which others have also noticed in the forum on their cameras. I have deliberately darkened the driveway video.

I have two external V3 cameras ( a good and bad) sitting on the same power strip with the same matched length of USB cable. The two V3’s are mounted 6 inches from each other pointing at different directions. I will upload video from the good V3 camera that is plugged into the same power source as the noisy camera. This is to show you the camera does not generate random static noise. By the way I have switched the power supplies between these two cameras with no difference. This video will have random street noise, an occasional car and slight wind, but no loud randomly generated static noise like the bad V3.

Have the same issue. V3 with socket power. The noise is exactly the same. Been trying to figure this out for a while.

I have two V3’s and one of them makes this same noise. I used to only hear it when listening to playback but now I can hear it coming out of the speaker on the camera itself and the camera will not connect to wifi even after moving it to the same room as the router.

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I have the same problem. Started today.

Same. We have 6 cameras and 2 of the 6 have static coming from the camera speaker and now they won’t connect to Wi-Fi. One was outside and the other was inside. I ended up switching around power cords and USB adapters and it seems to be the power adapters that is causing this issue. Is there a replacement USB adapter that can be used? The parts kit from Wyze is out of stock: Wyze Cam v3 Replacement Part Kit – Wyze Labs, Inc

Any help would be appreciated!!

You can replace the Cam v3 power adapter (wall wart) with any 5V USB adapter that supplies at least 1 amp. I just buy these when they are on sale and use them for all Wyze cam types and other gear.