Why do I get this outdoor cam noise: like alarm and static?

My 3 outdoor cams have been randomly doing this annoying noise for approximately a month or so. Sometimes all 3 cams and sometimes just 1. Very random, very annoying.

anyone have this issue?

Mine have been doing that also when a motion event first records. Unsure what is causing it.

anyone else?

Yes, mine as well. Consistently.

Is yours still doing it?

Yes, and wow yours is the same exact noise. I suggest connecting with Wyze because after doing the various things they suggested and it was still doing it they sent replacements since they were under warranty. And the new ones are not doing it thank goodness.

Wyze was unable to solve it and sent replacements since it’s under warranty. You might want to check with them.

Thanks, I have submitted a request to support.
Mine should still be under warranty as well.