Outdoor cam detecting motion with no motion constantly, no fix so far

Two evenings ago, around 1am, my wife and I’s phones started getting consecutive “Motion” alerts on our phones for our Outdoor Cam. The notifications continued, repeating every 15-20 seconds apart. There was no motion going on (it woke us and we both went to check). The camera recordings were only 6-7 seconds long…which is odd because we have Cam Plus with it set to 3 minute recordings with no cool down. The camera batter was at about 80% at that time, so I turned off notifications for motion and we went back to bed.

Fast forward to this morning, the Camera’s battery is dead, and the camera has consistently been detecting motion & recording 6-7 sec clips 24/7. I’ve power cycled it, turned it off in the Wyze App, and done a firmware update that showed up yesterday and it’s continuing to exhibit the same behavior. This is an extremely frustrating issue and I have not been able to find a fix for yet. Has anyone else experienced this type of behavior from their outdoor cam, and if so have they found a fix?

I’ve been having similar problems with one of my cameras since the last firmware update.
The camera has now started attracting moths that keep flying in front of it or crawling on it at night and it basically drains half the battery and spams me with event notifications. I have to turn it off at night which i dont want to do