Noise and static using microphone on outdoor camera

I have 3 new outdoor cameras. They work well except when I try to talk to the person outside through the microphone. Lots of static (almost sounds like interference) on my phone, and the recipient cant hear me speak (on all three), which makes that function useless, but is one of reasons I purchased the Wyze Outdoor cameras. Brought them inside close to the base, and it made no difference. Firmware is up to date. Ready to send them back. Also used the Wyze support email twice and no response over the last 2 weeks.

I have the same issue with my outdoor cam. I’ve tried the same solutions, firmware is up to date. Sounds like gears grinding and crickets chirping all the time.

I have the same issue with the doorbell… My outdoor cameras seem o.k. but I haven’t used them that way. The Doorbell definitely sounds like clicking and almost like ice hitting the gutters. I can’t tell where it’s picking up the sound… the overall microphone sound is very muffled too.

The grinding and chirping is a good description. I get about 2 seconds of decent (not good) sound, then the noise starts. There is no outside noise, because I am standing there. I have sent several requests through the Support portal, including a recording, but no reply from Wyze. I suppose I will pack up everything and send it all back.

I have the same issue as you. Mine are new and I am thinking of returning everything too. The tech support is bad and nothing is easy to find here. No user manual and I feel like I am left to fend for my self.