Will the V3 camera get the motion detection Grid?

I was beginning to move away from Wyze cam V2 to Eufy for the higher resolution and the multiple motion detection zones. Wyze fixed the “one square box” issue in the V2 with a grid and I added a few more to my network. Now my V3s have arrived and they only have the “single square box” motion detection zone. Is there a plan to upgrade them to use a grid or at least a couple of multipoint overlays like the Eufy cams? The V3 is great except for that one severe issue - and it is one of my main decision points. Anything is better than the Outdoor’s choice of “aim you camera” but a single square box can restrict you to a very small single point when there are shadows, trees or anything in the view that moves where you wish to avoid notifications.
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I believe I read somewhere that it will be addressed.

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I would assume that the V3 will get this, but nothing has been announced yet.

I opened a support case with WYZE and all I got was “As of now, Wyze Cam V3 has no grid lines on the Detection Zone just like on Wyze Cam V2 but it’s possible that the Wyze Cam v3 will have it in the future”. A lame answer!!!


Why is it taking Wyze so long to add grid detection zones to the V3 camera? I’d think since the V2 camera has it, that it would have been an easy add to the V3.

I would think if the v2 has it the v3 would have came with it. Totally ridiculous not having it on the latest cam and to me shows another rush to production.

That seems to be the norm for tech companies now. Hype it up and get it out, then we’ll fix things later. This is the mindset of the tech generation.

Just got my pre-order yesterday, if i had know that it didn’t have the grid detection, i most likely would have not gotten them, too many object that move in the wind so the events have gone up significantly, also trying to figure out how to use the bridge plug in for the door contact sensors,

Same. I bought v3s to replace my v2s. But now they took away a key feature. Very annoying.

They did not really take the feature away, the v3’s were already being tested when the grid came out for v2’s. I have heard it will be coming to the v3’s at some point

I’m in the beta, and it’s not available to me.
How do you define “take away”? If I had a feature, and now I don’t, what do you call that?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Wyze. They realized/we voted the single zone detection was crappy, they improved it, introduced a new feature that is better (for v1 & v2 cams), then they took it away for the v3 cam. I’m confused how you see it as not taken away?

The v2’s should have the feature, the v3’s were designed when the v2 still had the basic rectangle. The v2 was upgraded to a grid but that has not made it to the v3 yet. The v3 never has had the grid but it will get it at some point.

I think this is another opportunity for wyze to be transparent on new releases, for example when the v3 was announced, if there was a v2 - v3 comparison so we would have know there was no grid option at that point in time, i would have been ok with that, but as to purchase a new product and not know that it would be a step backwards in the platform usage, it is just a little frustrating.

Wyze probably should have never released the V3 without grid detection then, instead of making us wait months. But it shouldn’t have been that difficult to implement it in the V3 and certainly shouldn’t take this long. I personally believe it’s because they don’t have enough people to focus on it. Instead they’ve been using their resources on new product development.

V3 grid showed up in the last update. My main concern is no longer. Thank you Wyze

My V3 cameras still don’t have grid detection with firmware and it says my firmware is up to date.

v3 detection grid firmware is and is in beta testing.

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For me v3 grid showed up in the latest app update. This means they are working on it for the v3. My latest app update included features for v3 grid capabilities so we will end up seeing v3 grid detection once they get everything sorted would be my opinion.

Maybe those of you that have it should clarify and mention that you’re running the beta.