V3 Camera No Grid Detection Area?

Just received my V3 cameras and I noticed it doesn’t have the detection grids, just a detection box like the V2 cameras used to have. And this is with update I thought the V3 cameras were supposed to have the grids?

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I think the grid pattern for the v3 is still in testing


Still in testing?! What’s to test, it works on the V2 camera. The V3 camera was beta tested for a while prior to being released for sale, but okay. Just wish they’d make the grids moveable, like the box was, for fine tuning of an area. Or make them much smaller because sometimes a grid box is just a tad too far over and triggers motion alerts that I didn’t want. And removing that grid box would make the camera miss the motion I did want.

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There’s different hardware in the V3, so there’s different firmware requirements.

Okay, then fix it before releasing the product with old features! But honestly, it shouldn’t take so long if Wyze had more programmers, instead of new product engineers.