V2 Camera No Small Motion Grid Boxes?

Just had a V3 camera fail with the pink tint issue, So until I can get a replacement I pulled out one of my older V2 cameras and set it up. Updated it to the latest firmware of and noticed that in the detection zone setting it’s just one big adjustable grid. I could have sworn that the V2’s were upgraded to the grid boxes or did I remember it wrong?

I don’t know the current status with this, but at least a while ago, if you first attempted to set the detection zone from an Android, you would get the small boxes, but if the first attempt was from an Apple product, you got the one big box. Any subsequent changes regardless of phone platform, would not change that.
I essentially never use detection zones, so have not paid any attention to this issue. Although I am the one that made the above observation when this issue first showed up because I had 30+ cameras that had never had detection zones set.