Detection zone grids or one box?

I have a V1, a few V2s, and a new V3. Until fairly recently the detection zone setting consisted of one box that was adjusted by dragging the borders. This changed in a recent firmware update to a grid of small boxes that were either turned on or off to size the detection zone. Now the newest V3 has the older style “one box” detection zone. All cams have the latest firmware, all are up to date. Anyone else have the same as I do? Is this the correct setting option for my V3. Thanks all for your help.

that single box is what the V3 has CURRENTLY. it will be updated in a future firmware though to allow for the grid and more variable settings.


Thanks Bam for the quick reply. Any ideas on what the other variable settings might be? Will the settings apply to the V2s as well?

well for one, accessories. there will be a spotlight you can get for the camera. and upon it detecting motion it can turn on and illuminate an area and for instance better help identify a person or what they are wearing. to my knowledge that is all that is known right now, but surely it’s wyze so there are at least a few surprises waiting.

I want to set custom area for section settings so that the Christmas lights do not set off the notification. Need to be able to have a zone on both sides of tree. Just having the one box to resize is limiting any security, By not having the grid option is going to be a security risk, don’t have time to go through 100’s of recordings to see if there is a problem.
Hope the update comes soon the fix the V3 cameras to go to grid section settings.

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Another reason to have grids selection instead of only have on single option for detection setting zone. In backyard there is a small drainage ditch, canal company has a legal easement so they can clean the ditch out. Because of this easement, We are not able to put a gate up to block others from trespassing, We have put up no trespassing signs, which doesn’t stop people from trespassing.
The new V3 cam is amazing and the best night time security.
I’m the middle of the view is a wind spinner that I would like to be able to block from detection. I need to keep the detection on both sides. One for the side of the fence where nieghbors put stuff on the side of the fence that can make the dog sick, and the other side to help monitor any trespassing passing.
My events gets filled up with the wind spinner in the middle of the screen!
Looking forward the update for V3 cameras to be able to only edit out grids.