Wider field of view, Cam OG or V3?

Which of these has a wider usable field of view? Or are they the same?

Cam v3 by 8.6°.


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Check out 1:14 in on this video.

Thanks. I was hoping the OG might have a wider FOV but I guess not. I have a V3 mounted on the outside of my garage door facing down and was hoping I could get something with a wider FOV to catch some of the street too but I’ll have to deal with what I have.

And a Pan V3 won’t work. Its distance detection is horrible but the biggest issue would be privacy concerns from the neighbors. I share walls with two neighbors and from the position where the cam is mounted I can see into 5 other garages. It’s a townhouse complex so no distance between houses. They wouldn’t be too happy with a camera that tracks their movements or is always panning back and forth.

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I use two v3 cameras to monitor the street in front of my house. One is aimed slightly toward the west. The second one aimed slightly toward the east. There is a slight overlap, but I get a pretty wide view of what goes on in front of my house.

I don’t think I could get away with that. I’m lucky to be able to mount even one cam that faces almost straight down and only sees the space in front of my garage door and part of the driveway that’s shared by four houses.

The HOA doesn’t generally allow anything that is screwed or otherwise affixed to any of the external walls or the garage door frames. Not to mention the privacy concerns.

Only reason I was able to get away with it is because two of my neighbors got broken into about 5 or 6 weeks ago in broad daylight on a weekend and within two days everyone here had heard of it and we had several ADT trucks out here every day for over a week installing a bunch of alarms. A couple of people including me took advantage of it and installed some cameras outside our garage. So far no one has said a word and given the break-ins I don’t think anyone would dare say anything.

But having more than one camera or a camera like the Pan that tracks movement might be pushing it a bit.

I was hoping that the OG would have a wider FOV than the V3 so I could see a bigger area but I guess the regular V3 will have to do.

Are you able to aim cameras from inside your windows? Here is a link with sample pictures of the results you can expect aiming through windows.

Yes, I have a few set up that way watching other areas outside but there’s nowhere to place a camera like that so it sees the outside of the garage door.

Same-o here. My HOA is very restrictive and doesn’t allow anything mounted outside the townhouses. Luckily our garage has a glass attic window to the front our out house that I have had up to 3 camera behind the glass pointing out front. If I have to adjust the cameras, I have to crawl up into the attic and shimmy through the rafters to the window. Lol

So it’s your house but they don’t allow you to put stuff on your walls?

Talk about abusing power the HOA. Do you even need them?

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We are not allowed to put stuff on the outside walls, and technically we don’t own that part. It’s considered a common element, no different than the pool, tennis court, landscaping, etc. Inside we can do whatever we want but the outside belongs to everyone. Even the garage doors themselves technically belong to the HOA and they recently replaced all of them. Cost a few hundred thousand $$$. We are responsible for the motor and mounting hardware but the door itself is the HOAs. Basically anything that’s part of the outside of the building is common area and cannot be modified unless approved by the HOA.

Remember, this isn’t a detached home, it’s a townhouse complex. All the buildings look identical and this helps maintain the property values. Each building has either 4 or 5 units and everyone shares at least one wall with a neighbor. Ours is not a corner unit so we share two walls.

And yes, we do need an HOA. They are actually a lot better than many I’ve had in other places I’ve lived.

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