Lens focal length and horizontal field of view – V2 and V3

Can anyone enlighten me as to these lens characteristics of the Wyze Cam V2 and V3?
Specifically, horizontal field of view not diagonal.
Thank you.

Go Google it

The v2 has 110 degree field of view and the v3 has a 130 degree field of view


@WyzeJasonJ –
I believe those are diagonal measure.
And are the 2 really different? By lens focal length, or sensor size?
Want to know FLs.

@kae4560 –
Not found in Google !!!

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My understanding is it is field of view across (side to side). I do own both the v2 and v3 and they are slightly different. The v3 can see a bit further to each side (5 degrees),

About all you will get from the V3 specs in the Wyze Shop, and FCC data file…

130ΒΊ FOV - 1920x1080p

FCC data filed - FCC ID 2AUIUWYZEC3

So, it appears that –
V2 diagonal FOV = 110Β°, sensor diag ~8mm, thus focal length ~2.8 mm ?
V3 diagonal FOV = 130Β°, sensor diag ~7mm, thus focal length ~1.6 mm ?
The calculations of focal length assume that the sensor chips are functional edge-to-edge, roughly scaling from the FCC site photos (V2 is at < https://fcc.report/FCC-ID/2ANJHWYZEC2 > )
My reason for asking is wanting to know what FOV will result if buy swap-out lenses.
Currently we have put a 16 mm in old V2, calculates as 28 degrees diagonal based on above.
If the above assumptions are correct, a 16 mm would bring a V3 to about 25 degrees diagonal.

For 1920x1090, width is 0.8716 times the diagonal so horizontal field of view for V2 is 96Β°, V3 is 114Β°
And pixels per horizontal degree – V2 is 20, V3 is 17 (rounded) with stock lens.
A 16 mm lens makes pixels per horizontal degree thus – V2 is 79, V3 is 89, with above assumptions.
Both enough for reading a license plate at 60 feet (12 inches wide, one degree).

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