OG FOV Specifications

What is the difference between DFOV, HFOV, and VFOV in the specifications for the Wyze Cam OG ? Under what conditions do they occur ? Are they selectable ?

Measurements of object planes in degrees.

DFOV = Display (diagonal) Field of View
HFOV = Horizontal Field of View
VFOV = Vertical Field of View

Wyze cams have fixed-length lenses. Field of view is constant and not selectable. The FOV values are listed as comparative values for you to best determine cam type purchase based on where/how your cam will be located in relation to what you wish to see/cover. I’ll try to find the comparison chart for you…

Edit: Field of View in this table is HFOV. Most cam users are concerned about amount of horizontal (left/right) coverage, hence only HFOV is listed in table. Note significant HFOV difference between OG and OG Telephoto: