Why is Wyze using so much data?

I work from home and use my wifi all week long. My cell service just restarted is service month on 10/22. Since then I’ve maxed out on data. Looks like Wyze used all 10gb in less than 7 days. Why?

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My guess would be lots of streaming the cameras live view and/or cloud events to your phone in the last month. All it would take is an average of like 20 minutes per day of streaming the liveview or watching events to add up to 10GB data, not counting other things done in the app, so actually less than 20minutes per day.

Also, are you using location based rules? Like have it turn things on or off based on when you’re home or away for example? Air purifiers, thermostats, locks all have location based settings, and there are rule automations for every device that can use location based rules. That will use background data too.

What I don’t understand is that I’ve never had this problem in month’s past and haven’t changed any of my habits.

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I have had this issue happen to me as well on very isolated incidents. The app would be fine for the longest time and then one day… POW! Gigs of data. I force close the app and reopen it and it runs fine.

All I can figure is that a P2P stream to the app when I was checking a Cam didn’t terminate properly and continued to run in the background. But, that is just a guess.

I use an App called Glasswire that monitors my Data Plan for excessive usage. If my daily quota for data is exceeded, Glasswire alerts me and I am able to shut down data until I can find the offending App in the Glasswire Reports, Firewall it, and reset it. That keeps it from getting out of hand.

Some of the nice things about Glasswire is it will maintain a persistent notification in the tray showing the Data Used / Total Data, it will sort app specific data usage by mobile vs WiFi or both, and it will show daily data use over the data period for all apps or by individual app.

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I turned on my days yesterday while I was out for a few hours. I didn’t open the Wyze app even one time and it used 449mb of data.

Maybe it is location ? I am using iOS and have it set for Location when only using the app and I have the app background and refresh turned off.