Wyze using massive amount of data in background (Android)

I have my phone set up to tell me if I am using too much data. I got an notification the other day that my data usage is extremely high. Never had this happen before. I checked my mobile data usage and it said that the Wyze app used 4.81 GB in the background. I don’t have an unlimited plan so this sent me into panic mode. I shut off my mobile data until I can figure out what’s going on. I also turned off “Allow background data usage”. What’s going on?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Android Version 9
Wyze app v2.4.82

Please send in a support ticket in on this. We have heard intermittently of others in this situation. Personally I’ve seen a slight data leak in the MB range, but it shouldn’t eve be happening there, as I’m on WiFi. This is an issue that needs to be identified, I think.


Have you been sending in log files? I’ve seen many log files around 1GB in size.

Wow, that is a lot of data being used. Really crazy :astonished: I would be in shock too. I’m using a LG Android Version 8 and I keep data usage turned off in the background on most of my apps. I haven’t ever experienced high data usage from the Wyze app.

I have no idea what that is or how to do that.

How to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

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What should the “normal” amount be? Mine says 634MB, is that what it should be? 615MB is “foreground” and 18.82MG is “background”

“Normal” depends on how many cameras you have, how often you view videos, and what resolution you use, really. My usage is higher than yours - about 900MB so far, about 25MB background. I have 7 cameras, all set for HD, and I was viewing most of the event videos that were taken.

I believe the OP had WiFi available, and in my opinion the app shouldn’t use any cell data under that circumstance. But I did see a small cell data leak on my iPhone. Seems to be worse on Android. If you are experiencing this, report it.

I turned cell data off for the Wyze app in the phone’s cellular data settings. When I am on the road I will need to switch that back on, but until then it stopped the data leak in my normal WiFi configuration.

Yeah, I always leave Data OFF until I need it to check emails or searching the Internet. Then I turn it back OFF.

Data should only be needed when you’re using your phone or expecting an email.

I made the mistake of starting a download of an Audible book and it continued to download using Data when I left the home wifi.

For what it’s worth, this just happened to me, right down to the amount of data, 4.81GB.

My parents have one Wyze cam and just went on vacation. In the first three days while they’ve been gone they’ve used almost 10 gigabytes of cell data from Wyze. Any ideas why it could be using 10 GB of cell data in 3 days?

I just had this problem. The app used over 2 gigabytes of data in one day. All I can figure out is that I accidentally minimized the camera video stream instead of backing out of it. Does anyone know if this is still the case, that minimizing will continue to use data?

Same here…using Samsung A-13 phone with a 2gig limit on plan (retired and use phone for only calls and messaging. Data went from about 330MB to 825MB in one day. Says Wyze app used 495MB of data. That is unacceptable. Why is the camera set up via the wifi network have to do anything with downloading data to the cell phone. If that is the case, then the camera is completely a non-starter for me. The app should be seeing only what the camera is monitoring and not adding what appears to be now gigs of usage to a phone.

Unfortunately this is yet another of example of Wyze’s lack of testing. I’ve had this happen at least 3 times over the years.
It just happens, It’s only happened to me after I upgraded, either app or camera. So now after I do an upgrade I try to make sure to monitor data usage.