Android App used all of my data!

I have read allot of apologies about this subject but no answer as to why the android app suddenly uses all of my Mobil data. I only can afford 3 GIG , I never needed any more than that.

I have been using the app with no problem since 2017. I recently bought a V2 camera and poof , my monthly data allotment of data is gone. Is it a config issue ? Does the capacity of he Camera SD card have anything to do with it ? Does the app really need to use that much data ? For what? What changed to cause this behavior ?

WYZE really needs to provide some insight as to what is going on.

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I’m on iOS and I have seen this in the past too. It’s a random thing, doesn’t happen always, or to everyone. Never seemed to get any traction with Wyze, even though at one point we thought we had their attention.

I have taken to turning off Cellular access for the Wyze app to force it to go WiFi. The app still works fine, so cellular isn’t really needed. When I am out and about I get greeted with a “No Internet” when I run the app, but then I switch cellular back on for the app until I get done using it (I don’t wait until I get back home, because I might forget!)

So until they take up an interest again, that’s the best defense for those affected.


The App runs in the background.

Your usage makes no sense. My plan is about 2 weeks into the month. My total data usage is less than. 02 gigs

I work from home so am typically on wifi. I forget my usage numbers from before March, 2020 when I worked on the job

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It’s not logical, but I have seen this in the past. It’s a random thing, doesn’t happen always, or to everyone. I’d call it somewhat rare. For those affected, turning off cellular data on the app fixes the issue. When I experienced it I was almost exclusively on WiFi.

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Are you on CamPlus or strictly the SD Card? The Size of the SD Card would have no impact or issue. If you have CamPlus, it will send the event to Wyze’s Cloud and then assess the event and then notify based on what you are doing. But that is from the Camera to the Cloud, which should not impact your Mobile setup, unless you are using a hot spot.

With that said, The Wyze App does run in the background, which you could turn off, but then, if you have a Wyze Watch, you may not get the notifications. In addition, Wyze has also introduced proximity or Geofencing, which is currently being tested. If you have that turned on, it could chew up more bandwidth. However, the main side effect is the battery drain on the phone.

Until this can be figured out, I would do what @Newshound recommended and turn off Cellular for the Wyze App.

Can you provide the following:

  • App Version
  • Platform being used
  • v2 Cam Firmware Version

Good day -

Thank you for your response. My needs from my WYZE system are minimal which is
why this app behavior took me by surprise. I do not have any alerts set up.
my phone , on the other hand , is critical. I have disabled the app from provider access
which seems to be holding up but i am watching it closely. There are also
other apps like Tiny Cam. Again - Thank you

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Aside from any possible bug, it is important to note that if you are NOT on the same WiFi network as the cameras, then ALL DATA from the cameras will need to go thru the Wyze servers to get to you. So it will be important that any phone watching feeds be on the same WiFi network as the cameras, and not on the cellular network.

Always minimize live streaming when on a cellular network.

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Don’t have mobile data, only WiFi. The “Smart phone” is used only for a dozen or so Wyze products. Last month used 5.49 Gb. Some of that may have been used for uploading the rare pictures I take. :woman_shrugging: