Wyze Data Hog

Wow in a matter of a few hours the Wyze app managed to use 1.6 GB of mobile data (half of my carriers data allowance for the month). Why does the Wyze app use so much data when running in the background? All I want is a push notification for when a person is detected…

Wow. That is a lot of data in a short period. Off the top of my head, I do not know what would cause this.

Can you provide some of your behavior using WYZE during this time? Was the app running in the background only or where you actively viewing cameras, etc.

Can you let us know what products you have connected? Number of cameras, etc.
Provide as much information as possible as to use and setup and I will certainly try to assist (as will many others here).

I am an Android user as well and have not experienced this.
I have 4 :camera: (and other WYZE gear) and my data usage last month cellular and WiFi was around 460 MB (as an example).

Simple suggestions what may or may not help:

  • uninstall and reinstall app? Make sure you are on latest version.
  • make sure firmware updated to latest version on all devices.

Let us know! Hope this helps.

Two cameras (one pan cam, the other cam v2). Had app running in background (persistent notification in notification bar) with person notifications for the cam v2 but it never detected anyone. I put phone down while at work for a few hours and I wasn’t actively viewing. App and cams are latest versions.

I have to admit I am I do not have any idea on what is going on with your data usage.

I am hoping someone else may be able to jump in with some ideas.

Sorry I couldn’t help! :frowning_face:

Just checked my iOS data usage, showing 606MB which honestly surprised me as I rarely use the app to do anything on my iphone. I am going to disable some background privileges as that’s an unnecessary amount of data transiting.

I am now trying to decide if I need to start packet sniffing and see what exactly is generating that extent of data usage.

Hi @alanizat,

606 MB for a day or for the month?

I can see 606 MB for the month and totally agree that would be a lot for one day (unless you are actively using the app (update firmware, a lot of camera viewing, etc., etc.).

Interested to see what you find out if you move to configure some packet sniffing.

Apologies that’s MTD a little over 2weeks into the period.

Even still, as I don’t use my iPhone to access Wyze other than to check sensors, I’m still a bit intrigued as to the cause.

How many times are they having the app call home, and does it update my location every 5 minutes or 5 times per minute…

Bear in mind that I am always o WiFi, I typically use 2-4GB per month total all in, so just curious…

I know that my battery life took a hit when they had to keep the whole app running in background for the band to work, but it still seems excessive for my use case.

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