Why is HMS completely separate from the rest of the ecosystem?

The only way to arm/disarm is either with the app or the keypad. What’s the point of having smart devices like the watch or garage door or geofencing if I can’t use those to arm/disarm HMS. I’m paying $100/year for security and what I thought would be convenience, but apparently not.

Can anyone explain why Wyze’s functionality is just so limited in comparison to other brands?

An employee confirmed with us a few months ago that they’re working on adding rules related to the HMS. So this should be coming:

We brought this up when this product first launched and they said it was more complex than most of the other products based on the way it integrated a service or something like that. I don’t recall the exact explanation, but they had always wanted/intended to make this available in the rules options, it just required a lot more work to integrate it. However, they’ve since developed a new rules engine and made a bunch of improvements, so it sounds like they’re finally ready to start working on this. I look forward to it as well :+1: