HMS suggest?

I am going off to college soon. And I wanted to get some sort of security. Should I put theHMS in my dorm room? I want to have a physical keypad to arm/disarm.

Let’s say I did end up doing it. What would happen if the alarm went off?

The HMS system isn’t really designed for that. It is designed to have the monitoring company dispatch the police to a specific address. Not sure if it would work or how your school might feel about it.


You could leave the system in test mode, not sure if you would need to pay for the subscription though.

With that you can get a notification and have an alarm go off, without dispatching the police.

Without a subscription, no test mode nor any other HMS functions.


Texas A&M. They said that we are responsible for our belongings and they are not responsible if something gets stolen. If there was an alarm, I just wonder how that would go that it is not a regular house.

I wish you could use the system that way and not have to pay for the subscription because that would totally work. I just don’t want to pay $10 a month if they’re not monitoring it.

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Can you give a bit of detail about what you need from a system? Do you need cameras, just an alarm? Do you want notification to your phone? Do you need door and motion sensors?

You might be able to kludge something together to meet your needs without HMS.

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I was going to use the door/Motion sensors for smart home automation if that would even work up there, and when I left my room and came back home let’s say, if anyone did come in I just want them to know that they are being watched and that I am aware that they have entered.

The contact sensors will work, but the person who enters my room won’t even know that I’m watching them. If someone comes in my room to take some thing, and Something Happens to let them know that they are being watched, maybe they won’t take anything.

The Wyze Sense Hub can be used without the HMS Subscription. So no fees there.

The school WiFi may be problematic. It may not be compatible with a direct connection. In this case, you may need a small travel router to secure your Wyze connection.

The keypad is useless without the HMS monitoring. All the contact sensors and the motion sensors can be installed and used with the Hub without a subscription. The Hub just accts as a standard connection bridge\hub\RFAP for the sensors without the HMS.

Contact sensors and motion sensors can be used as a trigger for rules\routines in both Wyze app and Alexa. If you also have a Wyze Cam installed. Those triggers can then activate a siren on the cam when the rule is active or it can trigger an Alexa device to say darn near anything you want her to say as well as play a very loud annoying siren at full volume (mine does this… Much louder than the Hub BTW). You will also receive push notifications from your sensors and cam.

The annoyance, because you are essentially working around the security system feature, is that to arm and disarm it you would need to be sober enough after a weekend frat party to deactivate the rule\routine before entering the room and remember to activate it after you leave.

Where there is a will there is an A!

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