Why does one of my cameras do short videos and the other does not?

I bought a camera in Oct 2023 and then another in Nov 2023. One is allowing me to detect motion and then saving a short event. The other asks me to get Cam+ when I click on a still that it takes instead of the short video.

Another problem is that I placed an SD card in the camera thinking that this was the issue and it is the same.

Did I buy a camera that will not take and load locally short videos of activity it captures and requires me to get a paid account before it will take videos? This is not right…I should be able to have my camera record 10sec videos of the activity it catches without charging me for it monthly.


If I have to apply for and or pay for a monthly subscription, I do not want the cameras.

I have a Wyze Cam OG and have the same question. It has a microSD card in it, so when I jump to a motion activity from earlier in the same day, for example, instead of telling me I must subscribe to Cam Plus, shouldn’t it just jump to that point in the memory card recording?

With cameras made prior to April 2022, they can qualify for a service called “Cam Plus Lite” to get free short cloud events.

These are the camera models compatible with it:

OG cameras are not compatible with it, nor are Pan V3 cams, V3 Pro, Floodlight Pro, Battery Cam Pro, etc.

If you have a compatible camera and it’s not giving you the cloud events, you can go into the account tab and then services, go to cam plus lite and then add the camera to have a free cam plus lite license (assuming you already have subscribed to the free cam plus lite service).

If you have a newer camera that isn’t compatible with it, just use a MicroSD card. The events tab should still be able to link you to the recorded event on the camera SD card for free, so you don’t really lose any functionality anyway. Some people even prefer to have it all stored locally on an SD card and not have recordings in the cloud.

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I have inserted an SD card into this camera and it doesn’t even recognize it and won’t even let me access it in the software I’ve reset, turned it off and on. I guess I’m going to try the SD card in another camera and verify that it works…

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