Why does my door lock keep unlocking by itself when I’m home

Why does my door lock keep unlocking itself when I’m home? It did it last night while we were sleeping!

It has to do with how your phone uses location services. Likely your phone is either suspending the Wyze app with battery optimization and maybe location services too, then bringing it back to normal functionality every so often when the battery is charged up higher. Your phone can change the accuracy mode trigger range and time between updates in a way that may make it so your phone thinks it has left home while its in a fairly suspended status, and then occasionally think it is back home. since the accuracy range can vary so much.

Location accuracy varies a lot depending on whether they are currently in high accuracy mode, battery saving, device only, etc. They use different degrees of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular networks among other things and each mode and degree of accuracy uses a different level of accuracy and battery consumption. If a phone stayed in high accuracy mode of accurate within 20 meters under open sky, it would drain the battery really fast. Battery saving mode usually changes the accuracy to closer to a 200 meter variance, but this might make your phone sometimes think it is outside a particular geofenced area. In some cases, a phone’s location accuracy can be off by MILES.

So, chances are that your phone is switching out of location high accuracy mode, making your phone think it isn’t at home, and then sometimes accurately finding itself back at home, and it then tells Wyze it has returned home (when it thought it was outside the “Home” zone a few minutes or hours ago). Since your phone is then saying that it has returned back within the Home zone, Wyze opens the lock since that’s what you told it to do in your settings.

The main culprit is your phone…it’s trying to conserve battery by not using high accuracy location very often.

You can fix this in a few different ways.

You can force your phone to use high accuracy location while it is charging at night (this is complicated to setup…I personally use the home assistant mobile app to force this setting because I’m not worried about battery drain while my phone is charging at night, so I’m fine with high accuracy mode while I sleep and it is charging).

Another option is to stop having the Wyze app use location tracking to decide to auto-unlock your lock when you get home:

Go to the lock and hit the settings gear icon. Then go to auto-unlock and turn it off. That will prevent it from unlocking when you “return home.”

This might be needed since you have a phone that obviously repeatedly switching to low accuracy mode to conserve battery and then occasionally causing your lock to open in the middle of the night.

One thing you can try before that, is to set the Wyze app to run in the background. Wyze may have programmed their app to force the location services to stay within a reasonable degree of accuracy, OR it might be possible that Wyze programmed their app to only report a location to the app when the location accuracy is within a set threshold. For example, Wyze may have set it to only trust a location if the location accuracy estimate says it accurate within X meters, and ignore all other location reports. This would help reduce the number of false location reports from your phone when it switches to low accuracy mode. I am unable to see what settings Wyze uses for their location tracking though, so I can’t tell you any of that. I am just saying that running in the background is something you could try before removing the auto-unlock feature. It might resolve things for you. If it doesn’t, then you can either stop using auto-unlock or get a different phone with better location accuracy.

I hope that helps explain what’s going on. Mostly it is your phone and/or phone settings issuing wide location ranges while it’s idle and trying to conserve battery. Then it will switch back to be more accurate when you open an app that tells it to switch to accuracy mode, like Google Maps or Apple Maps or whatever.

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Thank you so much! I will try everything that you have suggested and hope it works!

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I hope it helps! :crossed_fingers:

And welcome to the community, susan.kim73 :+1: