Who uses the Wyze Car? Is it worth getting?

I can probably return it. I will check Walmart, thanks. I just figured since I wouldn’t be going over 2" curbs and twigs, etc, it would work on grass. Oh well. Lesson learned. I would feel guilty selling it to someone else. I’ll call them tomorrow.

The cars at walmart are RC only. Not sure if any of them come with camera or app control.

Thanks. I just found one on sale and ordered it. It’ll be here (free shipping, too) Wed. :grin:

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Mine will be coming in tomorrow. I just got off the phone with Wyze support and they’re going to send me a return label so I can return theirs. I was trying to do it via the web site, but their pop up boxes are a bit confusing and don’t give all the correct options for returns, so I did it over the phone. There is a no hassle return policy. I won’t get my shipping cost back, but at least I won’t have to pay to return it.

And if I’m not happy with the one from Walmart, I can always return it in person.

I got mine in the lottery they had when they introduced them It must have been great marketing as mine has never come out of the box.

I’m just glad the battery is useful to charge my phone or iPad when needed…. The Wyze Car…. sits on the shelf in my office…. gathering dust…. was quite disappointed in it, if I’d paid full price for it, I would of returned it. The cost covered what I might pay for the battery… so I kept it.


The cost was twice as much as I paid for a similar battery that’s got twice the juice. So, not worth keeping for me. Glad I returned it with no hassles. We’ll see what happens with the new one tomorrow.

I’m finding the novelty of the car wearing thin. Haven’t used it in months.

Would anyone be interested in buying it from me?

You get the box, the car, the charge cable. But no camera and no power bank (I use this going to/from work).

Selling at reduced cost plus shipping.

DM or email me for price.

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I might add, if I hadn’t already, that it does work well on flat ground or pavement.

Ha Ha, I never even took mine out of the box.

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I’ll be curious to see how fast yours sells. Mine also sits ignored on my shelf mocking me and reminding me of the screwed-up “lottery” that Jhon references, The “WYZE” gods were not good to me that day and I ended up getting mine several rounds later. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Works really well downhill too. :sunglasses:

Only if you’re actually using it.

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GLWS. I actually came to this thread out of curiosity, thinking to sell mine which I bought a few years ago on an impulsive whim (or whimsical impulse, whatevs).

Mine is new-in-box, unopened, both the car and the power bank. I’d probably also throw in my used out-of-box 4(?) year old v2 cam with cord and AC adapter, and a black silicone skin. Shipping extra. Not looking to make a profit; just cleaning space and just want to be made whole again.

Also wondering, after reading so many posts and seeing so many listings that seem to favor the Wyze Power Bank, how much that might bring on its own.

You could look it up. I bought a power bank similar to it but can’t remember how much I paid for it. Maybe just keep it to use for emergencies?

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Thanks - I did look up the Wyze Power Bank separately on fleaBay but didn’t see any listings. I did see other similar (maybe better) power banks on The ‘Zon for roughly $25.

I already have a phone-sized solar power bank I travel with, and also a lithium car starter that also has USB ports. Both got me through a 4-day power outage last year.

(The car starter is awesome BTW; it has bailed me out several times, and as stated also was great as a power bank. Everyone should have one. Can get a decent quality one on The ‘Zon for less than $50. I wonder how long before Wyze offers one :smile:)

I’m going to try to just sell both as a bundle with my v2 cam - I really just want the space more than I need the money. Not looking to make a profit, just want to be made whole again. :grinning:

Also going to sell my Wyze Thermostat BTW.


I haven’t heard of the car starter. I do have a Stanley Jumpi that will start a car where you connect the clamps to the battery. It has saved me a number of times, and the neighbor has borroeed it anout 3 times, haha.

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If a vehicle with a dead battery is jumped and starts, once the jumper cables are disconnected the alternator will work it a$$ off trying to recharge the battery. An alternator is designed to keep a battery charged, not charge a dead battery. I have replaced many alternators over the years because of this. Best to use a trickle charger overnight unless you are stranded then a jump box is the only recourse.

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I’m a bit slow on stuff like that. It’s taking me awhile to learn the differences. Ive had to replace alternators a few times, too. My neighbor borrowed it for his scooter, so maybe it didnt take much.