Who leads this board in 'assists?'

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John Stockton. Led the NBA in assists per game for nine consecutive seasons.
Assist on this board defined (by me) as:

Linking to previous posts or topics of relevance and distinction instead of writing one’s own response each time from scratch.

I am a leading ‘assist’ man. No brag, just fact. I prefer it. Others choose not to, it seems to me. I’d be interested to hear the reasons why?

Reinventing the wheel? Or fresh interaction with a lively fellow member?

It’s not either/or of course but it’s a fair place for a discussion to start. :slight_smile:

@SlabSlayer is another huge assist man in here, always linking people to other threads and quoting relevant posts to answer new posts.


i agree he’s built an impressive momentum in support, like he sees the forum as an icy rink on which he can carve and glide to his heart’s content.

Benefiting all… :slight_smile:


Since this is the watercooler…and you brought up Jazz legend John Stockton…

I used to work for the Jazz back in the day when John Stockton was in his prime and the Jazz made it to the finals against the Bulls. Well, technically I worked at the Delta Center for “Marriott” which was contracted for many such things with food stuff…but I worked basically every Jazz game. I used to take food to the Jazz Dancers & Referees at Half time, and before the games started I would take food to the players’ locker rooms. I was surprised at some of it. Before every game, we’d take them 12-24 bud light to their locker room. Who knew the NBA pros were drinking alcohol before they played at the top of their game? It surprised me as a little high school kid (yeah, they probably shouldn’t have let me deliver alcohol at that age, but I wasn’t going to ruin it…how many high school kids get to see/meet big celebrities like that and make their high school peers jealous for it?). Rumor was that the alcohol was mostly for the “Rookies” to drink to loosen up and get used to such large crowds and TV viewers…but that never made sense to me since even the rookies generally came from big name universities and huge crowds and viewers on TV, especially during March Madness tournaments, etc. for so many years already…so who knows if that is accurate, it’s just what I was told when I asked.

Karl Malone (the guy John Stockton was famous for assisting, as they were a dominant duo) was insistent on getting soft pretzels and grapes before every game.

During the finals, Michael Jordan ordered “Apple Sauce” before the game, and we didn’t have any in the entire building…but nobody tells Michael no…so someone had to make a special run to Albertsons to buy Michael Jordan the Apple Sauce he needed to beat us…

Shaq is a really good man, but when I saw him on TV sponsoring some deodorant, I burst out laughing hard because he was infamously known in the building for having potent BO you could smell really, really far away, so it either meant that deodorant was completely worthless and didn’t work, or he’d finally found something that worked well, in which case that thing was probably the best deodorant on the market. I don’t know which was true, but it definitely said one or the other. Poor guy. Again, I think really highly of the man, and it’s not his fault he was known for BO, but it was noteworthy. The more I learn about Shaq now, the more impressed I am though.

That was a fun job…got to see some cool concerts, meet some interesting people, see some cool things…and as a high school kid, it was awesome. Those days are long gone now! I’m not nearly as cool as I used to be, just ask my teen daughter. :slight_smile:


Great story, literally :laughing:

Your daughter seems such a sweetheart and you a dynamite dad. Appearing in comment #10 here:

Then of course there’s Mrs. Carverofchoice who indulges you posting in church… :grin:


@ExpletivesCensored and I once had a short exchange on exactly this topic, which this:

…recapitulates roughly. :slight_smile:


Found it.

Who is John Stockton and this BASE-kēt-bôll you speak of?

With 1963 it is far and away the GOAT, Sir Wayne Gretzky. Second is the greatest netter to ever walk the deck, Steve Coleman.

Off topic… Do ya’ll ever sleep?

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I’m working on it! Since May I’ve been up till about 4am-7am MT working. I’m trying to start going to bed around 12am-2am MT… The late nights are killing me. It’s just hard to work in the day time with all the distractions when you have ADOSS (Attention Deficit…Oh! Something Shiney!)… So then we have “Revenge bedtime/sleep procrastination” which sucks too.


Sleep, posh, that’s for Catherine Deneuve. You go, c-man! :grin:

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Gretzky, my God, how could I forget (he was even in So Cal for a time.)

But who is this Steve Coleman of whom you speak?

Transgender athlete? Nee ‘Stephanie?’ Can’t find him. :man_shrugging: :smile:

(An ice hockey assist is often a quick ‘flick’? Is that a good description? Or?)

@Customer 's holding back. He wants to compliment me in the worst way but he knows it’s impolitic. He’s a slave to politic. Though there are worse handmaidens.

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The S.O. sez these are key to assistive posting:


She has a degree in annoying. A real one-upper. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can’t remember where to find my degree. And I don’t care.

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Hey, when you have time, and if you’re interested, I’d be interested in your take on Expletive’s comment I linked above. :slight_smile:

The same to anyone else who might be motivated, as well.

I didn’t think much of it, to be honest. Kind of pedestrian and just a longish way of saying I’d rather ask than do the reading… Not that what he or she said is untrue.

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The Robin to Professional Competitive Crappie Fishing’s Batman, Ronnie Capps. The greatest Tournament Crappie Fishing duo of all time.

Assist doesn’t have to be a flick. Can be a ricochet off the dome:

ASSIST: an assist is attributed to up to two players of the scoring team who shot, passed or deflected the puck towards the scoring teammate, or touched it in any other way which enabled the goal, meaning that they were “assisting” in the goal. There can be a maximum of two assists per goal.

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I’ve often thought the above might be part of Wyze’s CS strategy or philosophy or whatever.

And while the best actual users are usually better informed than CS desk employees, the fact that they also come at literally zero cost is quite the kicker. :money_with_wings:

You can’t make friends of your customers and form a community by linking them to a bunch of old static :poop: .

They think. :wink:

But then you have to attract savvy willing users for whom REPETITION AD NAUSEUM is no big thing - it’s like excess blood flowing through their veins that can be fruitfully tapped off!

Aha! Thanks! Two things for me to look up on a monopoly video site. About ten years ago I found some ice hockey video explainers by a couple of players that were quite good. Deepened my appreciation of the game substantially.

Meaning one’s helmet/head??

@carverofchoice, yeah, that was a great story about - what was it basketball and players? That’s the most about basketball that I have read in my lifetime.

Taking nothing from your stories or life experiences, I am 70+ years old and have never even seen 15 minutes of basketball in my life - all combined. And that not even 5 of hockey. Admire the athletes, honestly could not care about those two sports.

I’m confident and certainly not disappointed that no one cares about my two cents about b & h. Just want to throw out there, that there a few of us that both b & h just pass right by us. Sure that its important, just not on a few of us’ radar.


Hey Sam!

I get it, I’m not a big sports watching person, umm, spectator, enjoyed watching it the most when I was most actively playing them as a kid.

What moves YOU (not sports) where some form of ‘the assist’ can be KEY? :slight_smile:

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