Who leads this board in 'assists?'

As far as I can tell it’s a bunch of people running back and forth, quickly back and forth, and then every month or two an incredibly talented one does something cool. 10 years later he makes a movie with Bugs Bunny.


Does not compute! Does not compute! Critical Error! CTL-ALT-DEL!

Yes. So long as it was unintentional, one could get an assist for being in the right place at the right time and doing nothing but getting hit with the puck.

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So a sitting US President could get an assist? :sweat_smile:

…any possibility you could post a video of you making an assist or a goal or a body check or a…?


Ah, never mind, it’s presumptuous of me to ask. :wink:

But if you’d like to assist  the thread… :blush:

…you could do worse things. :no_mouth:

Just sayin’… :gift:

Yes, and a standing one as well. But usually its a lying one! :laughing:

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Ha ha, that’s funny. You’re NORMAL! I too have never actually been a sports guy myself either.
I mean, I took some martial arts, and I wrestled and played Rugby as a teenager, and I still love to play racquetball, but I’ve never been into watching others play (college, pro, etc)…with the exception of MMA sometimes. :man_shrugging:

But what is interesting is that many years ago I was reading a study (my college education was in psychology and sociology) that was done about men and sports, and they found that the majority of men (it was some really high and surprising figure) admitted to lying/pretending to other men about enjoying watching some of the major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, Golf, I can’t remember the other ones included in the study), because they felt social pressure to pretend they liked sports since “most other men” expected them to, but they didn’t actually like or enjoy it or care. It had some interesting research implications about most men trying to meet most other men’s expectations, and because most were pretending, more pretended which continued leading to most thinking that most agreed in some tautological cyclone. Very funny implications about our sociological norms.

Though to also be clear, many truly, honestly do enjoy it, and there is NOTHING wrong with that AT ALL any more than there is anything wrong with anyone who doesn’t enjoy watching them. And many honestly like/enjoy following a certain sport a lot, but then pretend to like another one more than they actually do just to fit in socially. It was simply an interesting exploration on male social norms in the context of sports, and it was shocking to me. Made me feel a lot better that I have never actually been into [spectator] sports (watching on TV) as much as most men seemed to be. I enjoy being a part of them in some way, or supporting someone I know, more than watching someone else who I don’t know and am not invested in (totally get loving watching and supporting a loved one, coaching, etc).

Though as a teenager I was definitely telling people to be jealous that I got to meet and know things nobody knows about the celebrity athletes everyone told them to idolize. :slight_smile: I mean teens have social dynamics to leverage too. :wink:

Anyway, all this to say, not knowing or caring about [those particular] sports doesn’t make you or anyone else abnormal, and in fact, some research suggests it may be more normal than we know when people feel free to admit it without social stigma…it makes you honest.

Liking and enjoying sports also doesn’t make one abnormal (lots of people truly love it, and even if it is purely social reasons for some of them, there is nothing wrong with that).

That study has always been a comfort to remind me it’s okay if I don’t know jack about Pro sports like others. What others put into sports time, I put into knowing facts about Wyze performance, customizations, implementations, quotes, etc. :rofl: I guess being a Wyze Maven is my version of enjoying sports. :man_shrugging:

IMO we should simply respect everyone’s preferences and like them anyway so long as their preference isn’t infringing on our personal rights. :+1:

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Movie? There was a movie? Hmm, cool.

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Two. I saw the first one. It was okay.

So carver is saying sports fandom is a testosterone centipede wearing the emperor’s clothes. Or something. Interesting, and makes sense. Of course there’s also the overt tribalism, which people are drawn to. Maybe that’s the same thing…


Ah tribalism…simultaneously the contradictory bane of and savior of humanity’s progress, & survival.

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Yes, all of us cool people agree on that. Can you believe those fools who think otherwise?


Three things:

I worked in a liquor store. My peers were jealous of that. :slight_smile:

Getting a psych diagnosis of ‘normal’ is like
Getting a biopsy diagnosis of ‘positive’
to some people.

Outside of sports, another assistive example:

It’s something like working in a restaurant/bar where the service staff are finely tuned and clicking at full capacity. Fun, satisfying and a little mysterious in the connected coordination that develops.

Subconscious ‘assists’ begin to emerge to the benefit of all. Helping hands reach out from all quarters. Your weaknesses are covered by my strengths, and vice versa. We mesh.

Again with the Wyze router astroturfing…

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A VERYsubtle product placement. :slight_smile:


The S.O. is right. It usually stops before it gets started.

Related to this, you have nothing to worry about, my froggy friend. :wink: And we like you just the way you are.

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Thanks, old boy. And likewise. :slight_smile:

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We still call it the Delta Center. Stockton to Malone!


Me Too! :+1:


Salt Palace was better :grin: Not a Jazz fun though (unpopular opinion here in SLC. The Boston Celtics are the team I follow, still unhappy about that NBA Finals series.


Elvis played The Salt Palace. It’ll always been better.

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Loved the BBall story, BTW. So cool that you were there in the mix for some real UT history! Playing a part no less! That could be the basis of a great TedTalk.

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