Who leads this board in 'assists?'

My claim to fame: “I enabled getting all the NBA players drunk just before they played in the finals in the late 90’s when the Jazz lost to the Bulls in an epic series”

–NEWS BREAK– This just in…after Carverofchoice admitted to bringing alcohol to the Jazz Players’ lockerroom when they finally made it into the finals, he was kidnapped by loyal Utah Jazz fans who are still angry about the loss to the bulls and now blame him for giving the players alcohol. These fan patriots are now claiming citizens’ arrest on allegations ranging from sabotage, treason, sedition, espionage, being a traitor, terrorism and high crimes against the state’s most beloved pro sports team. Sources tell us the state government is supportive of these patriots’ actions and It is unclear if Carverofchoice will ever see the light of day again. May the holy legacy built by Larry H. Miller have mercy on his soul.


:rofl: I would not put it past the most passionate of sportsball fans!

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Is Utah an actual state? Sounds kinda… mythic. :cowboy_hat_face:

My pappy told me Utah used to be part of Texas, but they couldn’t keep up their payments.

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Do tell, good neighbor. Dish. :wink:

Young Bobby D was kind of a dick. To be generous, ‘clown prince.’ One take:

Another early ‘royal clown,’ a beach beat (of whom I was not aware until this week!):

I have a true story that combines a renowned Mormon sex therapist (sex therapist who happened to be Mormon, I think) his son my friend who was a great sports leader (in that way like John Stockton) but with a weak arm (which was unfortunate because he was a quarterback) and straight (unhip) as the day was long and just as good natured. Oh, and he had bad teeth (unstraight) but he smiled right through them (gleaming!) He was my pal.

That’s it, end of story. :slight_smile:

Moral: America is was a melting pot. And this just a bowl of stew.

Fork it, spoon it, cut it, slurp it, swallow.

It’s all the same going down.

I am not sure, that is why I moved here in 1988 and started my internal investigation.


Introspection? Always a good idea no matter what ‘state’ you’re in. Carver-approved! :wink:

Even the state of denial? State of over-analysis? State of the art?

Absolutely not! Check this out:


I enjoy being a contrarian way too much to blindly agree with something that seems like a good idea on general principle. :imp:

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Consider this, contrary mary, @WyzeJasonJ has spent ~34 years examining the state of a ‘state.’

A man after my own :heart: :clap: .

He has perspective.


This is what we have most molested. To our (apparently-) everlasting detriment. :cry:

So many things are proven, rightly demonstrated… only over time.


  1. Contemplation of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and sensations; self-examination.

Free your head and your ass will follow. Free your ass and your head will follow.

Both have worked for me. :slight_smile:

And if ever one finds oneself integrated one dissolves into a pool of gratefulness.


Now, we need Jason to come in and say:

That’s not what I meant.


The great Nilsson (and Newman) believed it is: The Beehive State - YouTube

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Outstanding. Never heard that one. Or knew they collaborated. :+1:

The whole album is outstanding. One of my favorite from HN.

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Thanks for leading me down that path! :grin:

What an interesting guy, with some twists I wouldn’t have imagined:

Due to his family’s poor financial situation, Nilsson worked from an early age, including a job at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles. When the theatre closed in 1960, he applied for a job at a bank, falsely claiming he was a high school graduate on his application (he completed only ninth grade). He had an aptitude for computers, which were starting to be used at banks at the time. He later performed so well in his role, the bank retained him even after they discovered he had lied about his education. He worked on bank computers at night, and in the daytime pursued his songwriting and singing career. -wiki

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