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Maybe a word or two comes to mind as you are engaging with things Wyze. You can put them here if you want. :slight_smile:




¡Qué bueno!


As a fellow Support once joked to a customer, “Our software teaches you… Patience.”

The firmware won’t update? Patience.
Notifications stopped working? Patience.
The AI detection stopped working? Submit videos, and Patience.

Patience, it’s a virtue.

It’s a must for anyone who has worked with a computer that you needed to type slowly in case it would crash. It’s a must for anyone who has seen the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). It’s a must for anyone setting up and using Wyze products.

It’s been interesting to see the level of frustration people get over a $20-50 camera, and at most $100/year subscription. I worked with sys admins and DBAs whose systems crashed entirely, and they all had outstanding Patience.


The Dude abides. :slight_smile:




How about “wise”. Pronounced the same as Wyze, just spelled different.


Something to aspire to. :slight_smile:

I’d say they’ve gained some nous * navigating and surviving the last three years.

 * New word to me learned recently

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Word of the day ?



I still can’t believe how popular that song was when it first came out and was on the radio continuously . :grin:

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:clap: :grin:


and back…

The Trashmen variation broke through on the charts! :fire:

TomG, you looked like a DJ in your old profile pic… wuz ya?


My younger son in the Air Force has earned the nickname ‘Storytime’ because he has a story for everything. Guess he got it from me, so here goes…

Seriously, that is what I wanted to do after high school. Listening to all the rock DJs and watching Dr. Johnny Fever were my inspiration, I was young and thought that was how radio stations operated. I checked out Broadcast Center where all the good DJs graduated from. My dear departed father supported me, but said as a greenie, I would probably be placed in an AM podunk station at 3am, and if I ever lost my voice, what would I do.

I decided to go into auto mechanics but always wanted to be a DJ. My chance came years later when I was listening to a local station on the way home from work. The DJ was griping about how he spent xxx dollars for a part and xxx more dollars to have it installed at the dealer. When it was finished the ABS and brake lights were on. Since the DJ provided his own part, there was no guarantee. I called him and then stopped by for a look. It was a system I had never seen before, so I look around and find a connector that was waaaaaay down in the engine compartment, and a matching socket on the ABS modulator. Cut the living $hit out of my forearm (I have Popeye forearms) and managed to get it plugged in. Started the car up and both lights were out. Took it for a drive around the block.
After cleaning my wound with supplies from the radio station, the DJ asked if I wanted to be on the radio. He wasn’t even finished when I answered with an emphatic “YES!”
Decided to do a daily 5 minute informative spot called ‘Tom’s Auto Tips’. I recorded them at home and put them on CDs and were played on the air.
I started running out of ideas after a few months. The DJ said my mic sounded bad and wanted me to get a studio mic. This was all volunteer on my part.
I finally went in with my last CD and said I was not doing any more. He asked why, to which I replied “radio sucks!”. He agreed. There is a lot more to being a DJ than being Johnny Fever.
So I was fortunate to experience radio in the studio, and am glad I didn’t go in that direction.

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Easier with a Clack to your Click and call-ins?


Still, those boys did thirty-five years. That’s a lot of car talk. :slight_smile:

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Is that which fluctuates always erratic? :slight_smile:

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Not sure if anyone’s AMA-asked how they settled on the name but maybe this?

Not just smart. It’s Wyze.


That’s me some days. :thinking: And sometimes not. :upside_down_face:


I’m going to answer this here instead of going off-topic in the other thread, since this one is a watercooler topic, I don’t mind going off topic, and besides, you made it on-topic by making ambivert you word of the day. :rofl:

As I have mentioned before, I have a lot of education in Psychology, and a lot of studies are showing that Extrovert/Introvert are not completely static. This includes both over time and between situations. The labels are also criticized because they are not black & white, but are a sort of scale, and not even just a 2D line. In a way, EVERYONE is technically some degree of an ambivert.

For example, a person may be more of one of them at work, and a different degree of the opposite in another situation, such as with their best friends, or extended family, or various other situations. There are a lot of things that affect this. Many people who know me think I am VERY extraverted because in those situations with them, I am. Others, think I am introverted, and in the contexts they often see me, they are also correct. That’s not to say that I am “myself” in one situation and “not” in another. I am myself in both, and happy in both and not faking anything. Things can vary a little depending on my emotions, my degree of comfort, familiarity and many other factors.

This is why I said “somewhat of an introvert” and then added the clarification about what sense I mean…in that I don’t enjoy being around friction/conflict/emotionally volatile situations. They just make me want to leave.

I am also introverted in the sense that I can be perfectly happy staying home most of the time. I do go out and do other stuff for the sake of my family who are not as content that way, but I can be perfectly content and comfortable sitting at home all day every day. Not that I HATE going out and doing other stuff either, but it’s not some big desire like it is for others.


A high school English teacher one time told me she broke up a student argument where the F-Word was used as a noun, adjective, verb and adverb all within a couple of sentences. I will leave it to your imagination to picture how heated that conversation was.

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