Cam Protect!?! Yo!?!

Hi R.Good

It’s the combo of the OP and your follow-on. I think you know what I mean.

Look at it objectively. Can you see how it might appear as such? :slight_smile:

For sure.

Just passing along what I know of it from the existing content. I had the opportunity to attend the live cast, so when it popped up in the app, for me, it was more of an “ohhh… and there it is”.

I feel like I missed something here. Did I do something weird and not realize it?

Nah, it’s either ‘native advertising’ or it’s not. Only you and Wyze would know for sure. :slight_smile:

I just formed an honest impression and asked for verification.

No big deal, EC, carry on…

Ha! They wouldn’t work with me, trust me. That tolerate me at best! My username, yeah, that was assigned to me when my Army nickname which I use as a screen name in most forums offended someone.

Was it my vernacular? Did it sound like the type of copy you’d hear in an infomercial? That’d actually be kinda cool. Some people love how I write, most can’t handle the lack of brevity and sharp unexpected pivots the narrative takes sometimes. I tell them, there is a LOT bouncing around up there, I’ve got a lot to say, and I’m just trying to get it all out.

Circling back to the naughty name nervous Nelly penalty flag that Wyze threw at my eye, I don’t want to make it sound like I am butt hurt or poo poo pity party about them changing my name. I wasn’t even upset at the time, and have no issues with it. Their house their rules, and they were very very cool about it. I sure as heck won’t start self-victimizing and bemoaning how I was “censored” by a private corporation because they violated my Constitutional rights and this and that. I mean, it’s not like stuff like that happens very much, if at all in this country. I wouldn’t want to look so out of the ordinary! :smiley::rofl::rofl:

Anyhoo, so, yeah, you taught me that word I had never seen before, advertorial. It may surprise you to hear this, but I like words, and the more I know the happier I will be. So thanks for contributing to my lexicon, all that’s left now is to use it 4 times tomorrow so I can internalize it.

Good Talk…

“Was it my vernacular? Did it sound like the type of copy you’d hear in an infomercial?”

Knowing a (very) little bit about you from a few posts and your profile I thought you likely knew the answers to the questions you were asking - or could find them in an instant if you didn’t.

Anyway, it’s good to have you around, EC, expletives censored or not. :slight_smile:

I probably could, but I never hesitate to ask anyways. I’d be lying if I tried to claim that there wasn’t at least a small element of laziness underlying that impulse.

However, and really the reason I ask is because I know I’m not the only person not to have been aware of something I want to ask about, and so it essentially puts it out front for folks to see.

Plus, forums related to anything tech related will have plenty of discussions on the topic I’m curious about, maybe from a month or year ago. But in too many cases I would be reading outdated obsolete information, where usually, although not always, if you ask today you get today’s latest.

If you’re on a political, philosophical, or any other type of forums which discuss very subjective subjects, the reintroduction of any topic often allows the newer members to add to the discussions or drop a novel perspective that was never considered.

This issue, repeating topic discussions or similar questions is why I rarely engage on any of the Stack Exchange domains. God help you if your question sounds similar to a question already asked 4 years ago, or is not perfectly formatted in one of the “Happy to Glad” moderators. No matter what you ask or how you ask it on any of the Stack Exchange domains, some random malcontent will chime in about something that is irrelevant, their opinion, or whatever. I’ll skim them when I’m bored, but I won’t put myself out there for the benefit of some validation seeking nit picker can condescendingly sigh and make the same comment to himself asking why he bothers to deal with everyone else who are so inferior to his intellect.

Good talk, I certainly feel better.

@WyzeGwendolyn can you confirm that Friendly Faces isn’t available to Cam Plus subscribers? I’m paying for multiple cam plus annual licenses and HMS, and I wouldn’t want to take cameras off HMS/deactivate HMS and pay more for facial recognition. Thanks!

This is getting ridiculous. Wyze Cam, Wyze Cam Plus, Wyze Cam Plus Pro. What’s next? “Wyze Cam Plus Pro Pro Pro”?


On the website looking at the Cam Plus information it still says

Coming to Cam Plus in 2021

  • Facial Recognition

Is this different from Friendly Faces???

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Wyze Cam Plus Pro comes with a one understandably expensive option to have a person at a data center look at the footage and then contact the police.

It also comes with some Arm/Disarm functionality that also makes sense for an alarm function.

The Friendly Face however feel more like a nice option for people who don’t want the alarm function but just may want it as part of Cam Plus. That is also an AI feature so software only…

Perhaps a Cam Plus + Face… for $0.50 more a month?

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Sadly @munkiinut I think friendly faces is the facial Recognition that they said was coming to Cam Plus. It Didn’t come to Cam Plus it came to Cam Plus Pro… With a bunch of other nice features that maybe useful for some folks but I don’t want them. I also doubt how useful friendly Faces will be because I would guess you would need to get within 10 feet of the camera before it could tell who someone was.

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Agreed, I appreciate that there’s an option to pay for someone to review footage and dispatch the cops if necessary, but I’m not interested in it. My preference is to add friendly faces to the regular cam plus for no additional charge. Isn’t there supposed to be machine vision being added to it too??

Yes they said the Machine Vision research is being paid for by Cam Plus but I guess the benefits will be sold as another program.

I thought it just meant that I’d a friendly looking person breaks into my house it would chirp a greeting and fire some silly string. So much for my master plan…

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Haha so if I understand that correctly, they’re taking my money from cam plus, and using it to research machine learning which they’ll charge me separately for?

See, you got it!

I came by to make this exact thread but found this one so I figured it’s better to post on it so I don’t clog up the forum with a duplicate thread.

So, what’s the deal with this? I noticed it this morning when setting up a new camera. I don’t need security monitoring or anyone from Wyze looking through my videos and calling the police or anything like that.

What exactly does this friendly face thing do? Does it save the info for people I want to have in my own database? For example, can I tag a person in a video as my dog walker and when a cam detects them I will get a notification saying “Dog Walker detected” or something like that?

And as someone else said before, yeah, first Cam Plus, now Cam Plus Pro, probably soon to be Double-Secret Cam Plus Platinum Pro, etc… is getting a little ridiculous.

You can get notified if that is your brother dave or a stranger

A person at my door named Dave claiming to be my brother would definitely be a stranger!!