White cam vs Black cam differences (ie: hardware)? Why firmware discrepancy?

Besides the color, are there any differences at all? Is it the exact same hardware, etc?

I ask because:

  1. My 1 White cam sits at Firmware version and says it’s “Up to Date” and that Firmware version is the Latest version.
  2. My 4 Black cams ALL list having Firmware version (which is lower than the White Cam version number) and yet they all say they are also “Up to Date” and that their lower firmware number is the “Latest Version.”
  3. If they are exactly the same, why are they claiming different firmware versions are the “Latest version” and all are “Up to Date” when there is such a discrepancy?

In the image below I show the 1)Pan Cam 2)White Cam 3)Black Cam. All showing different Firmware versions but all “Up to Date” with the “Latest version” (obviously the Pan Cam has different hardware than the others so will have different firmware, but the question is why the black cams all have different Latest versions than the White cam if they’re all the same?):

(Posted in Beta category, because I am enrolled in “Beta” and it could be Beta related somehow?)
Android WyzeBeta 2.11.40 (on Samsung Note 8; and also on Bluestacks emulator for using Wyze on my Windows Laptop) :slight_smile:

The firmware is a Beta version released I believe in March. The other cameras are running production versions of their firmware. Why is a good question.

Thanks! Yes, Why is a good next question…if I am on Beta and that is the latest beta version, then why aren’t all of them updating to the newest beta version or showing that I can update to it? If that beta version was revoked, then why did that white cam not revert back to the other version? So weird they wouldn’t all do the same thing.

I’ve seen this happen. Try going to the cam itself and device info and check the firmware there.

Also, if the odd cam has RTSP active, and you are running beta, it won’t update correctly–as I recall. There was a bug recently causing this issue.

the 6.69 firmware has lots of issue when release for beta and has been since recalled.