When will WYZE wake up and fix the wifi antenna/wifi connection issues?

Be it WYZE outdoor v2 Cam or the Pan v3 or any other Wyze cams, all the complaints and negative reviews seems to be bad antenna, wifi connection issues, going offline and having to do manual hard reset( unplug and replug) every few days or a week. This defeats the purpose of a security camera.
I have very strong wifi at home and have zero wifi connection issues on my gadgets at home, be it smart tv, tablet, iphones and smart thermostat, only the WYZE cams lose connections every week . Countless complaints and reviews by others on bad wifi connection issues.
Hope Wyze stop making new cameras until they do something about this.

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They can’t fix it because it is not their hardware.
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see, this is why so many complaints by so many on this particular issue.
what you said is NOT true respectfully.it is something with the WYZE products that doesn’t do well with wifi internet. All the negative complaints about this issue can’t be wrong

Same issue here.
We have 20+ V3 Cams. Plus spares on shelf.
4 of them quit communicating.
WiFi is dead.
Resets and reflashing doesn’t repair.
IIRC it occured after a f/w update late last year.

I have the same issue …cameras randomly go offline
and their literally 5 feet from the wifi router. Getting damn sick and tired of having
to re-add the device to get it to work again.

That’s odd. Luckily all of my V2 and V3 cams work fine from all over the house and yard.

I did hear that V4 cams have weak wifi, but unable to verify.

They are all V3 cams and they work fine until they stop emitting a wifi signal.

Their radios go off-air and resetting/reflashing does not fix that.

Fairly certain this is a firmware issue or chip failure.

Download a Signal Sniffer app to your cell phone and analyze.

You will see the Cam wifi signal if it is functional.

No signal from my dead cams.

Signals from my functional cams.

Pretty conclusive evidence.

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That’s not the case with my V4, the signal is the same if not better then it was with the V3 that it replaced.

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These particular dead Cams no longer have a wifi signal (Signal Sniffer app).

We have 28 local V3 cams on a 9 node Mesh network.and 14 remote V3 in a different State.

By using Android apps (i.e. FING, Network Analyzer) we can see the dead cams have no wifi signal.

Resetting and reflashing does not restore them.

This seemed to have occurred after a firmware update that took several Cams down, most recovered by power cycling but these few didn’t leading us to believe they were bricked.

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Sounds technically interesting. Is there any specific signal sniffer app you recommend?

As far as wifi, the signal “seems” strong with max bars on the device and no obvious observed issues in my house.

Update: I reread your post. I use multiple network apps but all looks fine. I was thrown off by the words “signal sniffer”. I thought there might be a wire shark type device.


Thanks @CliffOdell . I have used iinsider.

How do you read the signal from the antenna of the Wyze cam?

On Android, I can use the native to see what comes into the area of the device, but how do you read the actual signal the actual Wyse cam antenna sees? I can only see what it sees in the Wyze app device info.

Technically curious,

Not at my computer right now.

But poke around in the app for different presentations of the info.

There is a graph of the realtime signals somewhere.

It has “humps” showing signal strength in decibels and color coded red, yellow, green for relative strength.

Look for “hidden” since the Cams do not emit an actual SSID.

In case I have the wrong app in mind I’ll clarify later.

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Here is screen grab

Use the MAC: address to correlate to the MAC assigned to each camera and visible in >System Details on Cam Settings app


Fantastic @CliffOdell !

I learned something new today.

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Thank you.

in general my outside wifi problems have mostly been that my wifi (speedtest) is weak outside due to interference in outer walls of our home.

I can confirm that the V4’s wireless isn’t weak. Cam pan V3’s is. I have no problems with the V4 and I got 2 when it was first announced.

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I have a lot of gripes with Wyze but I very rarely if ever have issues with cameras dropping offline… sorry for those having these issues but it seems far more likely to be an issue with the WiFi / network than the Wyze hardware.

I have upgraded many times starting with a bunch of v2, v2 Pan, v1 Outdoor, v3, and v3 Pan and none of them have ever died either. I still use several of my v2 Cam’s to this day… they have yellow heat stains on the tops and have been on 24x365 for 5+ years… once or twice I’ve had to reboot a camera here or there sure, but very very rarely.

Are you using a dedicated 2.4GHz signal at 20MHz single channel (1/6/11) or do you have a band steering multi-band access point (or mesh setup) which jumps around channels and or channel bonding (1+6 or 6+11) and or 40Mhz?

How congested is the WiFi in your usage area? If your WiFi is setup perfectly but your neighbors is not it can cause problems. Do you have a microwave that is used often in between your access point and your Wyze cameras?

For my Wyze cameras I use a cheap Netgear 2.4GHz AP that is locked on a single channel at 20MHz… it gives my cameras DHCP and DNS of & Again, I have had to reboot a camera here or there a handful of times in 5+ years and I can’t recall ever having to reset / reconfigure any of them…

When I say a dedicated 2.4GHz I mean my AP does have a 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio… but I split them and send out separate SSID’s for each, putting all my Wyze and related type stuffs around the house on what is effectively a isolated radio and my other 5GHz optimized stuff on that radio.

Please know I don’t mean to dismiss anyone having issues… if my .02 is helpful, great.

Final note, just personal opinion… I have not and will never considered any WiFi camera a “security” camera. For the low entry price and the $9.99/mo CamUnlimited I am overall quite happy with what I get in return from Wyze for my money.

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I agree. I have had no issues dropping off. Connections have been solid. We have the same cams and the same firmware, but I find it difficult to believe there are that many network problems. For me it has been plug-n-play.