When camera deletes files on memory card?

I have a memory card in the unit.
It was recording events.
I switched it to continues recording. Now I can’t scroll back more than two weeks.
I thought the two weeks had to do with the cloud storage.
I had plus before and after cancelling plus, the events were still there. I checked.
Maybe they are still there, but why can’t I go back and look at them ?

I think that’s it 14 days,due to the card when full,starts over the oldest,

Card is still not full, I don’t think it ever was.

Cloud events are on the Events tab, but SD recordings are played back while accessing a particular camera screen. Two different parts of the interface.


When the uSD card gets full, the oldest hour of recordings is deleted. That continues every time the card gets full (or more likely some point very close to full). How long that takes depends on the activities that the camera sees, the resolution, if it’s continuous or events only, and the complexity of the image. I have 64GB uSD cards in all of my cameras. I get anywhere from about four days to a little over two weeks of record time when set to continuous recording.
uSD card recordings have NOTHING to do with cloud based event recording.

The interface completely confused me from the beginning, specially the recordings.
I always accessed the Events from the Events tab.
There it shows an event like motion detection that I can look at on a certain day.
I never found this anywhere else.
Under a camera screen, I can find Album, but when trying to access that, it asks me to have access to my device (computer) so I think that is when you record to the computer and look that back.
The View Playback I think does that too, but harder to see if there was any recording a given day.
So there is the cloud, memory card and the device (computer phone etc)
As I said, very confusing.

I saw this going up and up but what is on it?! I can’t see. unless a take it out.

forgot the image

Nope that it,it’s so easy to use the playback is used …when your looking at an event and you want to see before and after the event if you have your camera set up for continuous record…we find alot of stuff before the event…the album is used when you take snap shots,time lapse…so go play with it and enjoy…p.s. you will need a the sd card installed for all the stuff to work

For continuous recording to a 32 GB microSD card in HD format, I only expect the card to keep the previous 75 hours. Anything older would get over-written.

Yes, View Playback is what you want. It gives you direct access to all SD card recordings presented as a zoomable timeline. (For me SD recording never works reliably but it has for others.). And it does not depend on your phone’s local storage.

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That is showing that your uSD card has a total capacity of 119.34GB, and currently has 114.37GB in use. As the card gets full, it will delete the oldest recordings to make space.
You watch recordings from the uSD card by selecting the camera and at the bottom is “View Playback”.

I’m looking at buying some Wyze cams but can’t clearly find out if you can record motion detection to uSD card and whether there is a time limit and/or cooldown to record to the card. Are the same limits applied to the card depending on if you have the free cloud plan or Plus? I assume you can retrieve and view uSD recordings via the app?

I currently have Dlink cams and set them to record to card based on motion.

Recording to the uSD card is does not have the time limits that cloud recording do.


I don’t think so.

No connection. Card recording and settings are independent of cloud recording settings and features. For what it’s worth my own cameras never use cards successfully.

Yes. You can also pull the card to view on a PC. It’s not encrypted. VLC is recommended.

So a lot of good questions happening here. :slight_smile:

It does. You have a 128 GB card in your camera. If a 32 GB card is capable of 2-3 days of continuous recording at ‘HD’ resolution, and 7-8 days at ‘SD’ resolution, then a 128 GB card is capable of 8-12 days in HD, and 28-32 days in SD. What I’m not seeing here is 14 days.

So my guess is you are looking at cloud recordings under the Events tab. Those are limited to 14 days, always. Never varies. They do not use the SD card you have installed. The SD card is a separate system.

Events = Cloud (affected by Cam Plus, but ALWAYS 14 days)
Playback = SD card (NOT affected by Cam Plus, but affected by your SD card size)
Album = Recordings downloaded to your local device (phone). Only affected by what you decided to record.

So after all the responses, what are your questions now?

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I just pulled the card.
The files are there.
The confusion comes from the software.

“Events = Cloud (affected by Cam Plus, but ALWAYS 14 days)”
Exempt when you Plus ? Because while I was away for 2 month I used event to look at all the recordings.
On the events tab I can go and pick a day and see if there is any recording for that day.

I go to playback, I pick the day when I know I have the video (several) I scroll along that stupid time thing and I find no recording.
By the way how do you find yourself in the 12 hour system where the first 12 1-12 is the same as the afternoon 12 ?!
So why not leave events videos under the even tab even if you mark that this is on the cloud this is on your SD or something ?!
Anyway, While I can see current videos , I can’t see the Nov5 (Nov6) but it is on the card.

Small correction.
I use Bluestack on my windows computer and there there is no AM PM , I see on my android device there is.
The video is not available there either.
Also, when I scroll there, It often jumps to current day. Not sure what kind of glitch is that as I usually don’t do this scrolling thing.

One more thing.
When I was away, the cam was set to Events Only and record to SD card, so how did I view everything under the Event Tab ?!!
If someone tells me this is not confusing …

It’s been that way for us as well,we use the event tab and if it’s something we need for law enforcement then we download to our device