When camera deletes files on memory card?

Yes you can look at the cloud events when you are away too. Cam Plus does not vary the 14 days nor the ability to look at recording when on the road. It just breaks the 12-second barrier and adds AI for things like person detection.

If you are ‘using events only’ recording on the SD card, then it can hold far longer than any of the days quoted, but then the separate SD card (with it’s own preset detection threshold) needs to ALSO see the event.

Rather than manually look for the recordings, it is better to press the Playback button on the event. Then it will jump right to that event on the SD card. Note: Your SD card should be set to “continuous” recordings for best results.

If your SD card is set to ‘events only’, then yes, you may not have corresponding events on the SD card. It has it’s own preset detection sensitivity and rules.

Not sure I understand what you are saying, but the cloud always eliminates anything older than 14 days, and the SD card always eliminates the oldest recordings as space is required for new recordings. They are separate systems and operate independently with their own rules and thresholds.


"Not sure I understand … " yes , I would leave it at that. Thanks for trying to help.

Wow. @Newshound gave you a ton of on-point and accurate advice.


I was trying to be nice and not get into any further line by line what’s getting more and more complicated.