When are we going to get some stability updates?

I watch 4 cams (3 v1s and a v3) throughout the day via bluestacks, and I am constantly having to reopen cameras because they lose connection or some glitch in the software bugs out.

Stability is needed for these cameras! I think it might be time to consider switching to something else with better stability, features and ease of use. :confused:


Haven’t had any of those issues myself, have you considered your router? If your viewing locally, internet is probably not an issue but your router could get overloaded.

Also does this happen when viewing it in your phone, I’m sure it’s not as good via an emulator…

V1 issues are being worked on currently:

V3 connectivity should be improved really soon. They released a beta firmware that was supposed to help, but it had some critical bugs that needed to be addressed first. It should relaunch to beta soon and if all goes well it will go public soon.


Could this also be the issues that my v3’s experience ?

All 5 of mine are in a group . When I open the group , most will never load , some will have just the green loading circle with no text below , 30 seconds to 1 minute connection time, constant error codes from 13,90, 27?, 20013,20015, etc

This must be stability issues ? Exiting out the group , refreshing from the home tab and opening group usually loads them all…

It’s possible, my friend. They just released a new beta, so I intend to try it out. If all goes well, we should be getting those updates to the public soon.

As I said on discord, most of your connectivity issues you’ve been explaining are giving me major Xfinity issue vibes. I had all those problems with Xfinity…I basically never have those issues since switching off Xfinity/Comcast and getting a good router along with it.

Sometimes I think XFinity sabotages connectivity on purpose. I don’t know that for sure, but in my years with having them as my ISP, it was a connectivity nightmare, and their router and bandwidth usually say they’re only rated for something ridiculously low like 4 devices total.

Having been in your situation, I am pretty confident Xfinity is the primary issue here…it was for me…drove me absolutely insane. I blamed Wyze early on, then magically Wyze never had issues after I totally ditched them and got a good router at the same time.

I touched on my experience with everything I found to make a difference with stability/reliability here:

Regardless of any of that, there are things Wyze can do to help improve things and I do believe some of the devs I’ve been talking to who assure us there are some good improvements coming out in firmware to help those who have been experiencing some issues. I hope they do make a positive difference for you when they get released.


I’m definitely gonna get a mesh router .

Dumb question , of course xfinity would allow me to return their router they’re renting out to me but will i be allowed to use a router that I bought with my own money and still be able to have xfinity as my ISP?

And where can I find other ISP’s in my area ? I’ve been told that xfinity is the only ISP in my area…

Comcast might actually force you to keep them as your ISP (if you’re using their cable line…or make it too expensive to be worth choosing a different one). But what matters here is that you are not stuck with using a router or modem that they offer. You definitely a need a modem that is compatible with Comcast, but there are 3rd party options out there. During my experiments I tried using the modem that came from Comcast and connecting different routers to that, I tried buying my own 3rd party modem and connecting different routers to that. When deciding on a modem you need to check what DOCSIS tier and channel numbers it supports and if your bandwidth is good enough for that. Again, make sure the modem supports Xfinity.

I also tried a modem and router all in one from Comcast. That’s probably what you have right now.
There are also 3rd party modem/routers you can get, but if you’re getting a mesh router, then you’ll probably just want a modem and connect your mesh to that.

Like I said, you MIGHT be stuck with Xfinity (well, other than Starlink or maybe TMobile or something), but there are things you can try to do that can help mitigate the problems with Xfinity. :frowning: Definitely painful to go through it all though. The problem is that because they have a monopoly they just don’t care…and I am not saying out of ignorance…my wife and I did customer service for Comcast back when we were finishing college…being a monopoly in so many places has given them a lot of power to act like they just don’t care…

I’m hoping they’ll be forced to change a lot of that because of the incoming competition of wireless options, and other fiber companies coming in lately.


I’m looking into getting this mesh router

Limited-time deal: TP-Link Deco WiFi 6 Mesh System(Deco X20) - Covers up to 5800 Sq.Ft. , Replaces Wireless Routers and Extenders(3-Pack, 6 Ethernet Ports in total, supports Wired Ethernet Backhaul) https://a.co/d/55Vvur2

How do I found out if this is compatible with Comcast ?

All routers should be compatible, it is just a router. Routers need to be plugged into a modem though. THAT is what you need to worry about whether it is compatible…the/a modem. The higher the DOCSIS tier and the more channels the modem supports, the better. There are devices that are both a modem and a router all in one, which is probably what you have right now…though the router part of it is usually a lower-tier device in that case.

Often buying the modem separately is a little cheaper, but you can use a modem/router hybrid as just a modem and then have a separate router be used as the router.

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