Android app seems less stable after 2.17.7 - having trouble connecting to cameras

I’ve had our cameras for quite a while. I got the new V3 when they came out as well as the scale and sense and plugs and outdoor plugs.

The latest release really has me concerned. As a user, I expect to be able to see my cameras reliable when I open the app.

Lately, I’ve been getting all sorts of connection problems. I’ve had to force stop, clear the cache, etc. Things that make me hesitant to recommend the wyze solutions to friends.

Are folks aware of issues with these? I recently added a wyze camera v2 back to monitor something as well as including an SD card in this device.

When I try to connect. It gets hung on authentication. Recently this happened:

Very frustrating.


I’m been noticing the same, and I’ve seen a few others report. Android or ios? I’m using android. Also, are you only seeing the issue on v3s?

I’m seeing it with Android as I mentioned in the title. I’m seeing the connection problems with both V2 and V3.

In the image in the original post, front yard and garage are V3 and kitchen is V2.

Haha, guess I overlooked the title. I went through all my cams this morning, all good right now. If I see the issue again, I’m going to submit a log

I’m on Android, S10+ on Xfinity, I have 1 camera on my network and another camera on my MIL’s network next door and I’m not having any connection issues.

It may not necessarily be the app, but may be your network. In addition to all of the Wyze devices, you have to consider all the other wifi devices (phones, tablets, Roku’s, smart TV’s, assistant speakers/hubs, appliances, smart bulbs, etc) that is using your wifi. Your router may not be strong enough to handle all of your devices.

Have you rebooted your home wifi network lately?

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I would like to add to the original posters issues. I also have the same issues with the latest Android version. The only way for me to access any camera (v3, v2, WCO, and Pan) is to use the older version 2.16.55. This is a problem because that version doesn’t work with the new spot light, which I have a few of.

I am confident that it is NOT my network. Falling back to the older version, I have quick and reliable access to all cameras.