Flaky Connections

I’m still seeing flaky connection to my cameras. Just now one of two cameras would allow connection if I was on the same SSID, neither would allow connection if not on the same network. Rebooted both and can connect to both on or off same network. Resolution always seems to be the same as a horrid old Windows box: reboot.

Are these just ghosts that Wyze is chasing in the firmware? Since it isn’t consistent across both cameras on the same network, I have a hard time blaming the network.

I am a huge fan of what you guys are doing, but it occurs to me that the defining characteristic of a network camera at any price point would be consistently gaining access to said camera over any network ;^) How can I help troubleshoot? Any logs or details I can provide to help narrow things down? Happy to help!


Yes what Sean said. My connectoin are Flaky as well. I tried setting my 3 version 1’s to static ip’s.

Have not been able to connect all day.

Android 7.1.1
Wyze 1.2.50

This has been the most stable for me by far. I have my cams plugged into smart outlets so I can restart them remotely. In the past I’d be restarting about 2 cams about twice a day. So far (maybe a week) I’ve only restarted 1 v1 camera once.

Since I updated I have been stable. Haven’t had the connection issues I was having before. My update process didn’t go smoothly with several disconnects. Eventually I left it and it finished though I admit I don’t know how long it took to do.