Camera Stability

Any other Wyze camera owners unhappy with the stability of these devices? Maybe if you use your camera app often it’s fine, but I only infrequently use the app. Almost invariably, the cameras need a firmware update. And when I try that, the cameras go offline, sometimes needing a hard reboot, other times needing to be set up from scratch. This kind of [Mod Edit] stability kinda makes them worthless.

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First of all, almost never is a firmware update REQUIRED. It will tell you that a new firmware update is available, but with VERY few exceptions, it is not required to install the update.

On the other hand, I have dozens of Wyze cameras and for all practical purposes, I install every beta firmware version that comes out. In other words, I have done several thousand camera firmware updates. The number that have required a hard boot or reset can be counted on the fingers of one hand - with spares.

How fortunate for you.

What flavor is the Kool-Aid?

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I used my Wyze app very infrequently the first couple of years, and don’t even remember doing any firmware updates. The V2s seemed to just continuing working on their own.

When I got the V3s, I did notice they have more firmware update issues, but every time they would resolve (without a factory reset) or complete the update despite the error it shows. It is too bad you had to take those steps.

So I wouldn’t say it has been grossly unstable for me, but it hasn’t been completely stable either. So I am not planning to try any beta firmware updates. Nor do I do any updates unless I read on this forum that others have done it and it’s fine.

I have 27 Wyze Cams on a Wyze Mesh Router Pro 3 node network with 70+ devices from 5 ecosystems riding. Since installing the routers when they were first released, I have enjoyed 100% up time from every cam and every device without any power cycles or reboots.

I also install and test every Beta Firmware release and have only experienced reboot requirements on an occasional firmware update fail when updating 15 cams simultaneously.

The majority of Firmware updates are security updates with feature upgrades along for the ride because there are more knuckleheads out there trying to break in than there are developers trying to keep them out. A sign of the times I guess.

The Kool-Aid was a blend of flavors: reliability, scalability, and success. It was colored green from all the cash I saved by not buying other cams at twice to three times the cost with half the features.