Latest app and firmware updates - are they OK?

I shouldn’t need to ask this but are the latest app and firmware updates safe to install?

In other words, are there any problems with them?

Past performance of updates has made me wary of installing them.

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I installed the iOS app update when it came out (Apple basically requires that), and I upgraded all V3s to the current version yesterday. Looks good to me. :+1:

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Hi, thanks for your fast reply.

I wonder if the Android app update is ok - I have not seen anyone reporting problems on here.

I will try the firmware update on a couple of non-critical cameras first I think.


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Always the best approach.


It shouldn’t be necessary - Wyze is the only one, I never worry about all the other stuff I update.

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I installed the latest Android app and had no issues with it as well.


Thanks @spamoni4 , I’ll update it tomorrow.

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So far, I think Wyze has managed plugging most of the holes causing user problems in their servers.

I think All these canera problems are 95% server(s) issues rather than app issues.

Microsoft frequently puts out updates that break thousands of systems. Ubuntu is better but I still don’t push updates to all my systems until I’ve tested them on at least one and for at least a week or more.

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Samsung’s Smartthings used to be dreadful with app updates but they pulled themselves together and it has been completely stable for quite a few months.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had an issue with the firmware update. The app updates are another story. I’ve actually taken to keeping automatic updates turned off for the Wyze app and ignoring it the first time there’s an update available. When I get the notification on my phone for a second time a few days later I’ll generally get into the Google Play store reviews for the app and sort by most recent to see if people are still complaining about the update or if they’ve gone back to complaining about other random things. If the most recent complaints are from people who don’t understand how cam plus works or can’t figure out how to set up a device I’ll go ahead and install the app update. If the complaints are still about the most recent update, I’ll give it a few more days before I check again. I haven’t had an issue from installing an update to the app in over a year by following this practice. And yes, I understand that it’s frustrating to have to do this with an app but Wyze is not the only offender. I follow the same practice for Fitbit with similar results.

The android app (not sure about the others) removed the “recording type” feature so you can no longer choose to record images instead of video. I spoke to support and images are being discontinued If signed up for any of the cam plus options. This is not a “bug” really but rather something they chose to remove.


They did the same when they removed the slider from the events view

Update on iPhone 15.4.1 had no problems like the previous update.