What wyzecam versions support Free Camplus Lite?

Have several old wyzecam 2 cameras and one of them stopped working. 2 of these cameras, I"m the account holder and share one of the cameras with 2 other users. One of these 2 wyzecams stopped working and it is the one where I’m the only account holder and do not share with anymore. The other wyzecam 2 is someone else and they share it with me. All of these wyzecam 2 had a 32gb microsd card in it.

If I want to buy a wyzecam now and continue using the free camplus lite, you can only buy up to wyzecam 3 only? You can’t buy wyzecam 3 pan right or any wyzecam higher than that? It doesn’t appear you could even buy a wyzecam 1 or 2 anymore right on amazon but only wyzecam 3?

The other thing is this. If I buy a wyzecam 3, I should always have a microsd card with it right if I just have that free camplus lite? If I don’t have a microsd card, that would mean I can’t view footage like say going back to 12PM or browsing a few hours later right for the day etc? So if you don’t have a monthly paying plan but have that free camplus lite, you still need a microsd card?

The other thing is I remember a 32gb microsd card would record continuously for around 2 weeks years ago with the wyzecam 2 and 32gb microsd card before it starts to wipe older footage? Does anyone know if that was the norm back then? Someone had mentioned they remember it probably was 1 week only with a 32gb microsd? However, they tell me if I buy a wyzecam 3, if I use a 32gb microsd card and record continuously, it would be about 2 days only before older footage gets erased? They said the reason is because the footage for the wyzecam 2 back then was much worst quality which is why a 32gb microsd card back then could record 1 week before it wipes older footage. But because the wyzecam 3 is much better footage, it only lasts 2 days? Is that true or false?

So you could even buy a 256gb microsd card then and put it in a wyzecam 3 that is compatible with the free camplus lite? But is a 32gb micro sd card more than enough usually? So that means a 256gb micro sd card would record continuously for 2 weeks or so with wyzecam 3? Back then with wyzecam 2, could you even put that big of microsd card? If so, that would mean it lasted a very long time before older footage get erased? But for most people, is a 32gb microsd card enough for a wyzecam 3 with the free plan? Back then, I am pretty certain it was about 2 weeks before it wipes older footage with wyzecam 2… anyone can confirm if it was 1 week or 2 week of recording continuously with a 32gb micro sd card?

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To be technical, you can buy up to Wyze Cam Outdoor v2. Anything launched after April 2022 will not be supported. And yes that includes the Pan V3, OG, V3 Pro, V4, BCPro, and several others that aren’t supported by CPLite…but honestly, they work pretty well without it as long as you use an SD card to be able to see events.

Also, it should be mentioned that Cam Plus Lite is now officially deprecated and no longer available to new accounts. So anyone who doesn’t already have it, cannot get it.

Yes, I would recommend an SD card. Whether you have it record continuously or events only is up to your preference. Either way, the SD card recordings aren’t limited to any recording cooldown.

Most 1080p Wyze cams will record roughly 1 full day of footage for every 9-10GB of size the SD card has. So, assume a 32 GB card will record for 3-4 days. a 128GB card will record for roughly 2 weeks of continuous recording in HD. This can vary a little depending on if you use nightvision, and a few other things, but that is the general rule.

Yes, I have 256GB cards in several of my V3 cams.

A long time ago before Wyze paid for an exFAT license, you would have to format a large SD card (anything larger than 32GB) to “FAT32” format in order to use an SD card larger than 32GB. Now that is not necessary because Wyze paid for an exFAT license, so you can use larger SD cards in their native exFAT format.

So, will they be eliminating it from existing accounts? As you know, I can’t assign any cameras to it since I have unlimited, but I’m planning to cancel that subscription when it expires.

No, it will continue to be available to anyone who has it on their account:

Basically, you can consider it a deprecated and “Grandfathered” plan now (still works if you got it earlier, but not available for new sign-ups).

Just can’t recommend it to new people.

Okay. But previously with the wyzecam 2, with a 32gb micro sd card, you could record up to 2 weeks continuously right before the micro sd card would wipe older footage? I remember it was close to 2 weeks? Someone else said their wyzecam 2 a while back with a 32gb micro sd card could do up to 7 days only. That person said that was because wyzecam 2 footage was worst quality back then? But right now with wyzecam2 and 32gb micro sd, how long before it wipes older footage? Back then, you could use even a 256gb micro sd card with wyzecam2?

So with wyzecam 3, it was always 2 days or so with a 32gb micro sd card because better footage? So you record at least a 128gb micro sd card with a wyzecam 3?

What would you recommend for someone who wants to use the camlite plus still but have to replace one of their wyzecam 2 and also possibly buy a new micro sd card?

So if you buy a wyzecam 3 and only have the camplus lite but no micro sd card, you basically can’t check older footage for more than a few seconds where there is motion or sound detection right? Thus it would be only that 12 second footage?

But you could of course view the camera live like normal but you can’t check older footage like earlier today from 12pm and watch like the next few minutes or longer right? But if you don’t have a microsd card but do have those monthly plans where you pay, then you don’t need a microsd card as the cloud would act like a microsd card but it would record footage for up to how long before older footage gets erased?

V3’s usually get close 4 days with 32GB cards, and V2’s are usually a little more. I’ll explain why. Although the V2’s and V3’s have roughly the same resolution (1080p), the V2 recordings do use less space on an SD card to be able to record a bit longer on an SD card than the V3’s because the V2s record at 15 Frames Per Second while the V3’s record at 20 Frames Per Second in Daytime recording, so it is true that the V3’s use up about 25% more space than the V2’s in that way. So if a V3 gets at least 3-4 days of recordings on a 32GB SD card (in HD without nightvision in a high traffic area), a V2 should get roughly 25% more recording time in that same space. If it uses night vision then it would get more. If you reduce the resolution to SD (720p) or 360p, then it would get a lot more. If it is in a low-traffic area with fewer details, then it would get a tiny bit more time too (better compression efficiency).

Again, it partially depends on your settings. but basically as the card is full, it will delete the oldest file recordings to make space for new file recordings. It could just do a few minutes at a time, but I think it actually deletes an hour or 2 at a time if I recall correctly. It’s been a long time since I tested/checked, but I remember that it keeps a slightly little more empty space than it absolutely needs for the next 1-minute file it’s about to create.

Oh yes. I have over 50 Wyze Cams and most of them have 128GB cards, though I also have V3’s with 256GB cards and 32 GB cards. I also have V2 cams with 128GB cards.

While there are variables that can allow you to record more time (or less), this is why I say to plan on getting 1 full day for every 9-10 GB in size for the SD card. It’s a general good rule. Just get a card a little bigger than your needs and you won’t have to worry about it too much.

Thanks for the reply. So 32gb would last 3-4 days on wyzecam 3. So it would last maybe 4-5 days on wyzecam 2? By default, did the wyzecam 2 recorded on 1080p? I had thought it was 720p by default so maybe that is why I believe years ago, the wyzecam 2 got 2 weeks of recorded footage before deleting on the 32gb micro sd card?

So 64gb would last 6-7 days then on wyzecam 3 right with 1080? Then double that if on 128gb micro sd card and then double that if 256 gb micro sd card. So you could literally have the wyzecam 3 record up to 24 or 25 days before it starts wiping older footage right with the 256gb micro sd card? But with a 32gb micro sd card, well you can still record it continuously for 3-4 days which isn’t that bad so anything that you want to check, make sure you check it soon otherwise the footage get deleted right? With a 64gb or 128gb or 256gb, you havve more time to check back older footage.

If I get a wyzecam 3 but don’t get a micro sd card for now but subscribe to those monthly pay plans, it’s $2.99 for each camera a month I believe? I would only use it for the new wyzecam 3. I could use this in replacement of buying a micro sd card right? But how far back can you go before it deletes old footage? I thought it was 2 weeks or something like that from a while back but did that change? So if someone wants to pay $2.99 per month, they essentially don’t need a microsd card because everything would be in the cloud? But how far back footage can you check? Is it more or less than say 24 or 25 days if you were to use a 256gb micro sd card? And with that plan, there is no 5 minute stop period and it shows everything right?

It sounds like you understand the situation well now.

Personally, I use BOTH Cam Plus and an SD card at the same time. That acts as a good backup. Then if my internet is down, at least the camera still records to the SD card.

Cam Plus stores footage for 14 days.

Correct-ish. There is not cooldown period for motion events as you said, but a motion event is decided by the motion sensitivity setting, and the detection zone. So if the motion is far away or not very strong or outside the detection zone, then it might not record what happened. Whereas with an SD card, you can tell it to record continuously so nothing is ever missed. You can always go back and review a recording of something even IF it was far away or small or outside a detection zone.

This is why I use both. I like the benefits of cam plus (I can have it only alert me to a person, or other things I care about, there is no cooldown period on notifications so I don’t ever miss anything, etc. BUT I have the SD card as backup in case I need to check something that didn’t have enough motion to count as a cloud event.

Thanks. Wait I am confused with one of the things you mentioned. You said if your internet goes down, at least the camera still records to the SD card, You talking about your home internet that is connected to the wyzecam?

I thought when your wifi is down at home, then isn’t your wyzecam down and nothing works? The wyzecam still records continuously here? How would it even be recording? I recall when the wifi goes down with the wyzecam 2, doesn’t the black show some other light or blinking light compared to a solid blue light? Or you mean if your internet is down on your phone that you use to check the wyzecam? I thought if your wifi is out then your wyzecam is down until wifi comes back?

The cameras are still able to record to micro SD even when there’s an internet outage. When the internet is restored you are able to playback micro SD footage or you could remove the micro SD card to play it on your PC or phone. There is a caveat to this which I will explain below.

If you don’t have internet connectivity and your cameras restart due to power outage or power surge or you restarted them yourself, then you will not be able to playback the footage on the app easily. It is still recording though, but it starts recording into a different folder with the time stamp are all messed up because the camera require online connectivity to a NTP server to sync the recordings. The Wyze app relies the recordings being in the correct dated folder to align the footage chronologically. You’ll need to remove the micro SD card to view the footage in a PC or phone unless you know exactly which random generated dated folder it is saved in then you can access it on the app on that particular date.

Another caveat I should mention is that OG camera acts differently than other cameras. After 30 minute of internet outage it will start recording in another folder like I explained above even when you didn’t power cycle them so I tend to avoid them.

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If you have set the cam in HD it will record in 1080p, SD will record in 720p and 360p will record in 720p. There is no 360p recording on uSD card.

I didn’t know this. But when there is no wifi, doesn’t the back of the wyzecam flashes something instead of that normal solid blue like with the wyzecam 2 though? So even if there is no wifi, as long as the wyzecam is plugged into outlet, it records?

The thing is say the wifi comes back later the day or a few days later. You can check the wyzecam footage during the entire time the wifi was down like with your iphone normally right?

I am looking to get any wyzecam that supports the free camplus lite only as my wyzecam 2 stopped working.

So if you have the wyzecam record in HD and thus 1080p, wouldn’t that mean it uses up more gb of the microsd card than when you record with 720p? So someone says with a 32gb micro sd card and wyzecam 3, it would record 3-4 days or so before it wipes older footage. But that is assuming you are recording it on 1080p?

But say you are recording it on 720p. Does that mean a 32gb micro sd card would record 4-5 days or so?

Would people recommend against getting a 32gb micro sd card and going for at least a 128gb micro sd card? Back then when I used wyzecam 2, I used a 32gb micro sd card and I remember it recorded close to 2 weeks before it deleted old footage. Someone else said they had wyzecam 2 and 32gb microsd and said it was about a week before it deleted old footage. I don’t remember exactly how long it was but I recall it was 2 weeks though I might be incorrect since someone else said they are sure it is 1 week.

So getting 128gb micro sd card would record for at least 12 days right at 1080p? But 2 weeks at 720p? So a 256gb micro sd card would record up to 24 days or even close to 28 days then? However, in what scenarios do you need a big microsd card space like 128gb or 256gb compared to a 32gb or 64gb microsd card? If you are going to check the footage daily or every 2 days, it isn’t necessary then to get any bigger than 32gb? But for people who don’t check for a while and want to check like 2 weeks or more, that is why they get 128gb or 256gb?

I was just going to get a 32gb microsd card for like 8 dollars but it seems a 128gb microsd card is double that amount only at 16 dollars. So it worth it to get bigger microsd card even if you don’t really need it? The thing is I don’t use cameras or android phone so is there any other use for a microsd camera? I have like 2 32gb micro sd cards for 2 other wyzecams already. Are people fine just using 32gb microsd card? Just wondering what the situation would be where you should get at least 128gb or 256gb compared to 32gb micro sd card. Thanks.

That would be correct more or less. It all depends on the amount of events, IR settings and bunch of other variables. All my v3’s have 32GB cards and set to record in SD. I just checked on of the cameras that card is at around 26GB full and I have four days of footage.

So the reason you are using a 32gb microsd for all of your 3 of your wyzecam version 3 is because getting a bigger microsd is not necessary for you right? Since you would check on it for a few days and then it wipes and it doesn’t matter?

But why do people want like 128gb and 256gb micro sd then? So they could check footage like 2 weeks or more later on?

Okay so I made a mistake earlier where I mentioned my old wyzecam 2 with the 32gb micro sd card would give me footage for up to 2 weeks. I was looking at the events tab and that is why I said it was 2 weeks but all free camplus lite users get to view footage back to 2 weeks right but it’s those 12 second clips every 5 seconds? I was confusing that 2 weeks with the continuous footage.

I then checked another wyzecam 2 camera of mine that has a 32gb sd card. I can go back 2 weeks straight with the events tab but that is the free camplus lite users. Now if I was to click on the wyzecam 2 and click on view playback, I am suppose to count the total amount of hours from now and go back and check how far I can go right? Because if I do that, several days in a row I had the camera turned off. But some days a while back I had it turned on 24 hours. So say in a few week span, I might even have the camera turned off for a week or two. Now when I scroll back a few days, I could view the playback for like 3 hours. Then go back many days later and it was on 24/7 for one day. Then another day is different. But it seems like when I count the number of hours I could view the playback, it seems to be a bit more than 100 hours… does that sound correct then?

When I click on manage sd card, it shows 28.69g/29.79g and is recording continous. So basically it’s going to delete old footage say after I start having the camera turn on for the new few hours then right? So it does seem like it’s a bit over 100 hours is when a 32gb microsd card then new footage overrides oldest footage? The thing is how do I know if it’s recording it at 1080p or 720p right now with this older wyzecam 2?

However, I think when I said my old wyzecam 2 with 32gb microsd card recorded 2 weeks a while back, the thing is I never have the wyzecam on 24/7 though. It was only on at night and those times when I’m not in the apartment that I had the wyzecam on. So that would mean I could have it on 10 hours a day only. Sometimes I might have it on 8 hours a day or even less. So if that is the case and I have it record continuously on that setting but if I on average have my wyzecam turned on say 10 hours a day as oppose to 24/7, wouldn’t that mean I can rollback 10 days or so because that would be like 100 hours?

In addition to that, a 32gb microsd card would be more than enough for me to view playback of previous footage if I have the wyzecam 3 on say 8 or 10 hours a day only right? It isn’t recording anything onto the microsd card if I manually turn off the wyzecam like when say I get up in the morning and then don’t go outside the apartment and just leave the wyzecam turned off till I go to bed right?

But if it’s no wifi internet, it would record continuously so it would take up space right? But if I was there when there is no wifi internet, how would I manually turn that setting off of it recording continuously then?

So if I get 128gb micro sd card, normally that would record like 16 days then right for someone recording continuously? But for someone like me who isn’t going to have it on during the day when I’m in the apartment, then it could last a month or even longer? Imagine just having the wyzecam on 10 hours a day. Wouldn’t that mean the 100 hour rollback could be like 35 days or even more… compared to someone having it on 24/7 which would mean just a bit over 4 days? But if I’m going to be away from the apartment and have it on 24/7 continously, the 128gb microssd would record up to 16 days right? But that is with 1080p. So with 720p, it might be 20 days?

I’m curious what type of people get 32gb microsd card vs those who get 128gb micro sd card and higher. I guess people who have it on 24/7 would get the bigger micro sd card then right or people who check it every few days so the footage isn’t gone if they have to check it? But for people who doesn’t have it on 24/7 and use it like a nanny cam and doesn’t have it on for more than 10 hours a day, 32gb is more than enough? But if you take vacations or do things like that and won’t be at your apartment for periods of time, then 128gb ssd should be the minimum you get?

Yes and no. When I got my v3s couple of years ago, I think they only supported 32GB, I might be wrong though. In any case, that’s what I put two years ago and the cards are still going strong. I have no reason to put higher cards at the moment as four days of footage is plenty for me. Once the cards reach EOL I might consider going higher capacity, but then I might not.

I think you are overthinking this. Just go get yourself the best cards you can find at the highest capacity for the best price and get it over with.