Weird V3 Pro 2k streaming problem, but time of day related only

Join the crowd!! I’m waiting on a response from a ticket I sent in this past Wednesday .

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Just started experiencing the same issue in reverse! :pensive: All v3 Pros were functioning great, day and night, until a little past sundown yesterday. 2K live streams started skipping time with occasional freezing. Cam restarts, powercycles, phone and tablets powercycled, entire network powercycled… couldn’t fix the issues. Tried viewing on 7 different devices to no avail. Shortly after sunrise, all v3 Pro cams started working fine with no action on my part. I know this is the opposite of the OP’s problem. Just thought I’d throw it out here. Will monitor and see what happens at sundown today and submit logs if problems resurface.


At least it used to stream well for you. This suggests there is something that can be done to resolve this. We’ll have to submit this in the next #fix-it-friday on November 2nd so that Wyze will tell us their action plan with updates on how the resolution is going. I’m sure a bunch of people in here will vote on it to make sure we can get some updates on how it’s going.


What’s weird is that mine are streaming 2K fine right now during daytime, which is the opposite problem as everyone else. It will be interesting to see what happens at sundown.


I saw a reference in one thread to people in different countries regarding a possible electrical frequency issue, but has anyone mapped where all the people with night issues are relative to day issues or no issues? Don’t see how it could be a Wyze/AWS server time issue, but…??

Such a great sentence. Makes me smile every time I read it. “Absurdly robust” is the only way to go…! :+1: :+1:

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Not sure what happened last night, but all v3 Pro cams are working flawlessly this evening.


WiFi is just erratic. Could be so many sources of interference. Meanwhile my live streaming of several Wyze and other cameras to my Fire tablet has been a lot more stable lately, and I changed almost nothing. (Turned off TinyCam NVR for one cam, but the streams were still erratic for a while after that. But for the last week or so, a much stabler 6-up view.)

By the way I still think someone could test this V3 time of day issue by altering the camera’s clock settings and covering the (presumed) light sensor.

Mine now all of sudden with no changes the past 4 days streams 50% of the time during the daytime.

I just checked mine. On IOS it will stream about 3 seconds, freeze for a few seconds, then keep repeating that cycle. So still unusable in 2K live during the day. It’s still working well at night.

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It seems that the difference between IOS and Android during the day is that IOS freezes, restarts, freezes, etc, and Android studders and skips seconds more, rather than freezing. Both are the same at night in that they both work well.

Add me to the list too…V3 Pro stuttering on live view at 2k, reduce to SD and it’s smooth. I’ll check it tonight to see if it improves. Wyze sent me an email asking me for a review…they won’t be happy with my review. “Wyze V3 Pro NOT PRO at all.”

Don’t you love it? :laughing:

Give them your piece of mind. Might stray them to the right direction :rofl:

Looks like there is a new Firmware in Beta for this V3Pro. It would be great if some of you experiencing the streaming issues try it out and report back on whether it makes any difference in the issues reported in this thread.

I am going to load the firmware on at least some of my devices, but since I wasn’t really having the time of day issue many of you in here are experiencing, I can’t help report back on if this helps with that or not. But there is a Fix-It-Friday event coming up next Friday, so it would be good to know if we need to report this then or if this new firmware fixes the issue.

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Thanks. Just installed on both of mine and will test tomorrow :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I installed the update. The 2K Streaming issue has NOT been resolved. I have sent logs. On a good note….the low light performance has been improved, It looks much better. When We get the connectivity issue resolved. (And other minor issues) I believe the V3 Pro is going to be a good camera.


Bummer! Mine are streaming perfectly but it’s night and I haven’t had any issues at night. Glad to see the low light performance, much better.

Yes the streaming issue only occurs during the daylight hours.

Yep, same here, streaming issues are still there.

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