WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor) Base, How to change its 2.4GHz WiFi Channel?

Base is using channel 11, My Main Wireless Router also is using 11 for it’s 2.4GHz as my other two wireless routers serving my property are using channel 1 and 6. My WCO base is pretty close to my Main Wireless Router (connected via Ethernet).

I’m sure many neighbors of WCO owners are using channels 1, 6, or 11, we should be able to change the WCO’s base channel to suit our needs.

How can we configure the WCO base’s (access point) WiFi channel?


Unfortunately, the WCO base WiFi channel is not configurable. The capability to do so is currently a Wishlist topic. Please vote on this topic here:


I think I am being clear with support but they are telling me the base station (ethernet) to Wifi cameras can be configured now during installation time.

Can anyone corroborate this newly claimed functionality?

I’ve tried to be clear that I am not talking about Wifi from router to base station WIFI

If this does work I’ll pick up another WCO and 4 cameras… I haven’t had a chance to tear down an install to validate the claim myself.