Allow Access to WiFi settings for Wyze Outdoor Base Station

Seems that it defaults to Channel 11. This overlaps with my smart home setup (Smartthings) Zigbee network, which is not modifiable. It would be helpful if Wyze would implement an advanced feature to manually choose the channel that the Wyze Outdoor cameras broadcast on.

It appears the bridge may default to channel 11, from observation of mine and my neighbor’s bridge.
Can you make this so we can select our own?

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Can you please consider making some minor improvements to the base station?

1 - Allow us to change the channel, but go ahead and keep the default however it currently is.

2 - Make it so that the channel will never automatically be anything other than 1, 6 or 11. Using other channels overlaps and can encounter and create interference.

3 - Allow us to change the transmit power level, but go ahead and keep the default however it currently is. For example if my base station is 15 feet from my camera there is no need for me to broadcast witha high enough range to have a good signal 50+ feet away. This creates more interference.

4 - Have the SSID be hidden. Some say this is for security but it really isn’t. The SSID should be hidden because no user will ever select it to try to connect to so why clutter everyones WIFI clients with SSIDs in the list that literally nobody will ever try to conenct to? Your application when setting up the camera should be able to pick up a hidden SSID just as easily as a broadcasted one. It looks like the naming scheme has the base station MAC in it which you would already have to pass when setting up the camera so hidden should be doable?

These issues, mostly 1-3 made me debate for days on if I should even open my outdoor camera order. I have gone to great lenghts and expense to have a good WIFI network, and throwing a device in that I have no control over hurts me and my neighbors.


Also Considering that the Base station is acting like a router, it would be nice to be able to connect the other Wyze cameras to it as well.


If I remember correctly they said you can connect up to four cameras to a single base station.


I think they meant outside cameras, not all cameras. what I would love to have is to take the V2 cameras and connect them to the base station as well for central recording.


@afshin sorry I misunderstand. I like that idea too.

@afshin , @phreebsd and @phillyphotog Hit the vote button on this please. Currently it just shows my single vote.


This would be a nice enhancement for those of us with more than one base station. :+1:

@phillyphotog, you forgot to vote on your own WIshlist item.

@nockam Agree with your closing comment fully. I likey would not have purchased if I had known backbone would be a competing WiFi network, especially one I can’t control. Target market is smart home enthusiasts, right?


RIght now it is on full power channel 11 and creating interference in my 2.4G network. I would love to be able to change the channel and set the power to medium to reduce conflicts.


I have a first gen Google WiFi mesh. It’s been solid since install. Recently I’ve been having connectivity issues with a lot of devices. The only change I could think of was the addition of the Outdoor cam and base station. I unplugged the base station and my network returned to normal.


Same here. But you can’t use the outdoor cam without the base station, can you? I have been really disappointed with the outdoor cam :cry:

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I should note, I also had to turn off the Outdoor Cam to restore my WiFi network

Did you turn your outdoor cam back on? If so, are you still having WiFi issues?

I agree on all of this. They should also add an option to bridge the base station to your current wireless network. Turning off the base station wireless all together so that you can utilize your current wireless infrastructure, while still allowing you to record video to the SD card in the base station. Thoughts?


Adding a vote specifically to allow hiding the Wyze ssid wifi network asap. I really dont like having it out there.


I support all of this, ability to change channels, limit power, bridge to my current network. etc.

I’d love to have my channel 11 back because it is pretty much the only free channel in my area because 1 & 6 are clogged.

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All these issues need addressing, this base station seems to be the weakest point in my home network.


I should have posted to this thread. I do have additional inquiries into support

I live in a crowded area and the default channel the Wyzecam outdoor uses is interferring with my neighbours wifi. Is there a way to change the wifi channel it uses and if not can we have one?