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What is the purpose of the base station for the new outdoor camera?

For the outdoor camera to connect. It is currentley limited to 4 but Wyze confirmed it will be able to have unlimited cameras soon.

Thank you, but my concern is the purpose of this new base station?

It’s so the camera can connect to internet, they went with a base station to help increase the battery of the camera.

Thanks again, but I am suspect that this is just an extender that will slow my entire network. Any ideas or comments on this?

I don’t like that the base station has to be physically connected to my router via Ethernet cable.

I like the idea of dedicated ethernet for the base station. that way i know im getting dedicated bandwidth to the AP then wifi is the weakest link to the Camera’s. I was planning on setting up a separate AP just for camera’s, and put them on a different channel then all my other wireless devices (Phones / Tablets / Laptops / Smart TV’s) this should help to improve speed to all the wireless devices on my network that still use 2.4Ghz.

Does anyone know if the AP has to be configured, or can be configured? Can you change the AP Name & Password? Does it support VLAN’s?

Will Wyze update v2 and pancam to use the base? Seems like a great range boost. Is the base on the same frequency as wi fi. I do not mean 2.4 gigs I mean the channels, frequency within the wifi band?

Sellsme, I’ve been asking myself the same question. Check out FCC.IO. They usually have external /internal photos and oftentimes have results of tests done in a lab regarding RF.
I do know that the ‘Wyze Sense’ contact sensors and PiR sensors communicate to the little USB hub at sub 1ghz to cover better distance and use less power.
I’ll follow up after reading FCC.IO if anything stands out.
My guess (and what you suspect) is it’s a range extender (2.4ghz or 5ghz). If that’s the case, it makes sense… as they can’t predict the signal strength or placement of existing wireless radios in their customers homes. Providing (or in this case) requiring the base station will likely provide a better user experience and cut down on support calls regarding connectivity issues. Not having read FCC documentation, I’m just speculating here.

Thanks for your reply, it will be interesting what you find out.

I’m curious also about his new base station. I was planning on buying several outdoor cams and I have a hi strength outdoor WiFi access point that floods my back yard with 4-5 bar signal. SO I was hoping to use my own WiFi as my connection. I do not have any Ethernet plug that would be within 50 feet (recommended cam to base station distance) of my outdoor cams so I do not know how I can get the base station close enough to them for a solid connection. Any solutions for me? Thanks.

Only solution is to find exactly what their base station does, why it is needed and can we use our own routers in place of their base station. I have the same kind of situation you do.

No, the outdoor cam must connect to the base station. It will not connect to your Wi-Fi using your router like a v2 cam or cam pan. See these support articles to learn more.

About the Wyze Base Station

Wyze Base Station Setup Guide

Wi-Fi Access Point

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You’ll need a wireless bridge. I’m a fan of this one… (20$ US amazon)
Basically, the wireless radio in the little router connects to your wifi network as a client, Then, you’ll connect the Wyze base station to the LAN port on the router using an Ethernet cable.
I’m a fan of that piece of hardware specifically because it runs OpenWRT / LEDE in the advanced UI.