The Base Station is useless and additional options should be provided

The base station is old technology and completely outdated and out performed by my current wifi. After at least 2 conversations with customer service (very nice people but they’re just screen readers parroting back the same articles that are online) no one can tell me why a base station is required, only what it does.

The bottom line is that it is not required. Wyze should provide an option to not need one. It should be offered as an option (it is not. You cannot buy one from Wyze) and there should be an option to connect the Outdoor camera line to a proper network just like all the others.

I have a few Wyze products and really like them. I just don’t understand how such an item as the base station came to be as a requirement to access a really nice camera.

What is wrong with your base or cameras? I have 4 of the version 1 WCO connected to my base and they have been working since October 2020. Do you have a bad signal between the base and cams?

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Since the cameras are battery powered a base station is required to allow the camera to go into a deep sleep when not in use. The base runs on OpenWRT, so I’m not sure what the technical difference between it and a standard WiFi router is, but it must have something to do with using less energy.

A camera without a base would be nice, but afaik impossible, at least at wyzes price point


No. I have an issue with the base station being required at all. My network is considerably better than what the base station provides.

The base station should be an option only and not required. The outdoor line should come out of the box able to connect to any reasonable network, just as my v3 cameras do.


Thank you! That’s at least an attempt to explain why it’s required. BUT (you knew a but was coming! Lol) there are countless devices that deep sleep then reconnect to the network when requested, laptops, phones, tablets, ECT. Wake on WAN kinda things.

I seem to be running into a “Because I said so” kind of situation.


None of those are expected to run for months without being charged. The Wyze camera outside has a tiny battery and there are many functions that are off-loaded to the base station in order to preserve battery life.

BTW, my personal opinion here. The WCO is so crippled in order to preserve battery life that IMHO, it is essentially worthless.

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Excellent! That’s a reasonable answer. The web page for any of the Outdoor line should state that: “The base station handles some of the functions normally handled by USB powered cameras to greatly extend battery life in our Outdoor line. Therefore the Outdoor cameras and base station should be considered a 2 component device and both are required for operation.”.
Or some such wording.

Thank you! That helps greatly!



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You too, Antonius, have missed the question that has already been answered.
The question was not whether a base station is required but WHY is it required.

Sorry I didn’t miss the question I already knew the answer. :upside_down_face: