Do you need the base station for outdoor cam?

do you need the base station for outdoor cam? I can’t get it to hookup. I don’t have base station.

Yes. (Unless you mean the V3.)

It should tell you won’t work. another product taking back. just like the door bell you need wires to hook it up. I have baught 3 reg cams one broke out of three. i am done with Wyze. why do you need base station crazy

Because that’s how it works and that’s how it is advertised and that’s how it’s sold. I don’t understand your distress. I don’t think the Wyze Cam Outdoor is a very good camera for most people but it is not confusing that it works with a base station. The technical answer is that they designed the base to wake the cameras from a low power state in order to conserve their batteries.

I have the other cams work well without the base station. It should say it needs base station to work. I am done with this company. Doorbell cam another joke. should say big letter you need wires from old doorbell to work.

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This is stated on the product page.

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