Change channels on base station wifi

Can I change the wifi channel for the router (for lack of a better term) that connects to my Wyze outdoor cam? The channel it’s using now is crowded and possibly affecting performance for other devices

Hum… yes you should be able to.
But depending on the brand of router you have the steps to get into the setting to chance it will differ …

Install free WiFi analyzer app to check the over occupied channels to find the best empty for you.

The outdoor cam talks to the bast station on a certain wifi channel, I do not believe that one can be changed. The bast station is connected to your router via Ethernet so there is no channel to change on that portion.

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That’s what I figured but wanted to check.

Thanks so much for the response!

Brett Jesperson
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Well…this is a huge problem of someone who uses smart home , I saw that the base is running on channel that interfere with my Zigbee channe, so there is must be an option to change it

Currently that option does not exist but there is a Wishlist post to allow it in the future, you can vote in the upper left of the thread below

Yeah, I already vote for that